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1948 Delahaye 175 S Gallery

1948 Delahaye 175 S Gallery

Described as “Intended for display at the 1950 Paris Salon and New York Auto Show, this stylish Delahaye 175 Sport Cabriolet was specially ordered as a left hand drive two-seater, with unique cabriolet coachwork by Henri Chapron. Looking very much the part of a show car, the short 175 chassis is clothed in a rakish cabriolet body, with beautifully integrated lines and contrasting paint sitting atop delicate Rudge wire wheels.

While the early French ownership of this Delahaye remains unknown, the dramatic car reappeared in America in 1959 and has remained in the United States since. During the next half century, it was a fixture in two prominent collections, spending decades in each, and it has most recently resided in a renowned California collection.

The handsome Chapron coachwork of this Delahaye was refinished approximately 20 years ago in a deep burnt red with claret highlights on the front and rear fenders. The striking chrome beltline flashes and hood trim, as well as exquisite details such as a louvered hood, further highlight the graceful lines of the car.

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