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Car Brands That Start With the Letter Q


Quant Cars


Quant is a Swiss marque of automobiles developed by nanoFlowcell, a Swiss flow cell battery research and development company. The company, nanoFlowcell, has introduced three prototypes under the Quant project, the 2014 Quant E-Sportlimousine, 2015 Quant F, and the recently unveiled Quantino, all of which are electric vehicles.

Qvale Cars


Qvale was an independent Italian car manufacturer founded in 2000 by Bruce Qvale. The company partnered with Alejandro de Tomaso, also an Italian car manufacturer, to produce the Qvale Mangusta or De Tomaso Bigua in 1998 which is the company’s only product. Only 284 units of Mangusta were made from 2000 to 2002, most of which were exported to the US.

Qwick Cars


Qvick Motors is a Belgian motor vehicle company that specializes in building and maintenance of high-performance race cars for all sorts of circuit competitions. The company was known for building the 2002 Qvick Mini Cooper S3 which was based on the Mini Cooper. The car was raced in the Belcar series, Belgium’s endurance championship series.


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