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Car Brands That Start With The Letter G


galpin cars


Galpin Auto Sports is an American automotive company that focuses on customizing and remodeling cars for customers or drivers. They also sell specialty parts, high performance parts, and accessories. The Galpin GTR1 which the company developed and unveiled in 2013 was based on the Ford GT.

geiger corvette


GeigerCars is a specialist vehicle company based in Munich, Germany. The company specializes in converting cars into specialist or track cars. Founded by Karl Greiger, the company has converted a lot of sports cars from different brands such as Alfa Romeo, Corvette, Camaro, Ford, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

Gemballa cars


Gemballa is a German tuning company founded by Uwe Gemballa in 1981. The company originally develops and produces aftermarket parts for Porsche cars aftermarket parts mainly for Porsche. The company has shifted its focus into developing sports cars that are based from Porsche and McLaren cars such as Gemballa Mirage GT (based on Porsche Carrera GT) and the Gemballa MIG-U1 (based on Ferrari Enzo) among others.



Ghia is an automobile design and coachbuilding firm based in Turin, Italy. The company was established by Giacinto Ghia and Gariglio in 1916. The most notable car designed and made by Ghia is the Ghia 450. Only 52 models of this car were hand-crafted and sold during its production run. Today, Ghia now develops concept cars for the Ford Motor Company.

ginetta cars


Ginetta Cars is a specialist builder of racing and sports cars based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom and was founded by four Walklett brothers (Bob, Ivor, Trevers and Douglas) in 1958. The company works to produce innovative, capable and great value sports cars such as Ginetta G40, Ginetta G50, Ginetta G55, Ginetta G60, and Ginetta Akula which they recently unveiled at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show.


General Motors (GM)

General Motors is a multinational car manufacturer based in Detroit, Michigan. The company has had a long history which goes back from 1908 when it was founded by William C. Durant. It is also the largest automaker in the USA and one of the largest in the world. The company designs, manufacturers, markets, and distributes vehicles under different brand names such as  Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. 

gordini cars


Gordini was a sports car manufacturer and performance tuner founded in 1946 by Amédée Gordini. The company specializes in tuning cars since but they were most notable for competing in motor races since the 1930s. Gordini also competed on the Formula One from 1950-1956 using their own cars. The company is now a division of Renault Sport Technologies since 1968.

g power cars


G-Power is a German car tuning manufacturer based in Autenzell, Bavaria. The company was founded by Jochen Grommisch in 1983 and they specialize in tuning BMW cars and manufacturing boutique vehicles.

Atomic Kollectiv10568 BudapesterBerlin, Germany (9)


Greenwood Corvettes is an American automotive performance tuning and racing firm founded by Burt and John Greenwood. The company specializes in tuning Corvette sports cars and race cars.

GRMN cars


GRMN or Gazoo Racing Master of Nürburgring is the factory team of Toyota Motorsport GmbH which develops high performance track cars that compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, World Rally Championship, and World Endurance Championship. The company also develops high performance sports cars and road cars such as the Toyota GR Supra and Toyota GR Yaris.



Gumpert was a German automotive manufacturer founded by Roland Gumpert in 2004. The company was noted for developing the Gumpert Apollo, a sports car that designed based on Roland Gumpert’s proposal of creating a new generation of sports car that is track ready and street legal at the same time. The company was renamed to Apollo Automobil GmbH after it was acquired by a new owner in 2016. 


Misc G Car Brands


GAACO is a coachbuilder  founded by Chuck Gaa. The company was noted for working together with Bob Akin Motor Racing in 1982 to build a racing car based on the Porsche 935 to race on the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The result is the GAACO 935L which went on to race in some historic racing events. 


Geely is a privately held automotive company that sells engines, transmissions, and complete cars. The company was founded in 1986 and entered the automotive industry in 1996 by selling cars under its Geely Auto brand. Currently, the company is selling passenger vehicles as well as personal and commercial vehicles under these different brand names: Geely Auto, Lotus, Lynk & Co, PROTON, and Volvo.


Genaddi Design Group is an automotive design company based in Wisconsin, USA. The company specializes in customizing the most sought after road-going cars in the world such as the Corvette Z96, Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, and Ford GTX1.


Gigliato Design Co. was an automotive design firm founded by Nobuo Nakamura. The company was most noted for designing the 1997 Gigliato Aerosa which was built in partnership with Lamborghini.


Gillet is a Belgian automobile manufacturer established in 1992 by Tony Gillet. The company is most noted as the producer of the Vertigo sports coupé, an ultra-lightweight and hand-crafted sports car. 


Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A or simply Giugiaro is an automotive design and engineering company established by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Aldo Mantovani in 1968. The company is best known for their design works as well as other services such as product design, engineering, product management, modeling, packaging, styling, prototyping, and testing for different car manufacturers worldwide.


Glasspar was a boat-building company established in 1947 by Bill Tritt. The company originally builds boats but they also developed a sports car in 1949 which is the Glasspar G2. Glasspar G2 is the first production sports car with an all-fiberglass body.

Graber Cars

Graber was a Swiss coachbuilder established by Hermann Graber and was based in Wichtrach, Switzerland. From 1927 to 1970, the company was among the leading coachbuilders for various European and US car manufacturers.


GReddy is a sub brand of Trust Company Ltd. which specializes in developing and manufacturing tuning parts and high-performance turbochargers for different American and Japanese cars.


Spania GTA or simply GTA, is a Spanish automobile design and manufacturing company based in Valencia, Spain. The company was founded by Domingo Ochoa in 2005. THe company is most noted for designing, developing, and producing the GTA Spano, a limited-production sports car.


Genesis Motor is a division of South Korean vehicle manufacturer, Hyundai Motor Group. It specializes in developing and manufacturing luxury vehicles under the independent Genesis marque such as the Genesis G70, Genesis G80, and Genesis G90.


Gillet is a Belgian automobile manufacturer, started in 1992 by former racing driver Tony Gillet. The company produces the Vertigo sports coupé, an ultra-lightweight (990 kg) ‘bespoke’ and hand-built sportscar.


GMC is a division of General Motors that focuses in developing and manufacturing trucks and utility vehicles. GMC primarily sells GMC pickup trucks, commercial trucks, buses, vans, military vehicles, and sport utility vehicles worldwide.

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