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Cars Brands That Start With the Letter Z




Zagato is an Italian independent coachbuilding company and total design centre based in Milan, Italy. The company is known for designing and developing special super lightweight bodies for sports cars for various car manufacturers around the world.

Atomic Kollectiv10568 BudapesterBerlin, Germany (2)


Zender Company is an automotive engineering company that primarily makes conversions and body kits for different cars. The company, however, is famous for introducing the Zender Fact 4 in 1989. The Zender Fact 4 is a mid-engine coupe equipped with a twin turbocharged version of the 3562 cc (3.6 L) Audi V8 engine that produces up to 448 bhp.

zenos logo


Zenos Cars is a British automotive company that produces high-performance, light-weight sports cars. The company currently designs, manufactures and sells three variants of the Zenos E10 sports car.

Atomic Kollectiv10568 BudapesterBerlin, Germany (3)


Zenvo Automotive is a Danish supercar manufacturer located in Præstø on the Danish island of Zealand. It was founded by Troels Vollertsen in 2004. The first car produced by the company was the Zenvo ST1 which they started producing since 2009. To date, only 15 Zenvo ST1 cars were built and sold.

zytek logos


Zytek Engineering (now known as Gibson Technology) is a British automotive and motorsport company established by Bill Gibson in 1981. The company was renamed as Gibson Technology in 2017 after it became an engine supplier for different racing teams.

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