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Car Brands That Start With The Letter L


Lagonda Cars


Lagonda is a British luxury car marque that is owned by Aston Martin from 1947. Before it was acquired by Aston Martin in 1947, the company was known for its large car models such as Lagonda V12, Lagonda 16/65, Lagonda LG6, and Lagonda 14/60.

Lamborghini Cars


Lamborghini was established by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1936 with the purpose of producing cars that would rival against Ferrari and other established marques in the industry. Today, the company is one of the premier manufacturers of luxury sports cars and SUVs as well as being one of the most recognized brands in the automotive industry.

Lancia Cars


Lancia is an Italian automobile manufacturer founded in 1906 by Vincenzo Lancia. The company has established a reputation in the automotive industry for producing cars with new and numerous innovations such as when they introduced the Lancia Aurelia that has a front engine rear transmission configuration which was adapted later on by  Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, GM, and Maserati. The company has also enjoyed tremendous success in motorsports, particularly in rallying with the Lancia Stratos helping them established a name in the industry.

Lexus Cars


Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota. Established in 1989, Lexus began as a simple corporate project with an aim to develop a premium sedan The company also develops performance vehicles which they race at various motorsport events around the worldwide as well as hybrid vehicles and concept cars. 

Lincoln Cars


Lincoln is the luxury vehicle division of Ford. One of the top luxury brands in the United States, Lincoln earned the distinction of establishing the personal luxury car segment with the introduction of their first model which is the Lincoln Continental in 1940. Aside from establishing the personal luxury car segment, Lincoln was also widely considered to be the zenith of car designs in the American automotive history.

Lingenfelter Cars


Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is an American automotive engineering company that specializes in modifying engines and induction systems. Since its inception, the company is known for creating high performance versions of Corvettes, Camaros, and other General Motor cars. 

Lister Cars


Originally Lister Motor Company is a British low volume sports car manufacturer based in Cambridge, England. Established in 1954 by Brian Lister, the company quickly became a household name in motorsport with their Lister Knobbly, which was considered to be the most successful racing car of the 1950s.

Lola Cars


Lola Cars was a British race car engineering company based in Huntingdon, England. The originally started producing front-engined sports cars in the 1960s but later on started building Formula One and Formula Junior cars for different racing teams.

Lotus Cars


Established in 1948 by Colin Chapman, Lotus is a British manufacturer of sports cars and racing cars. Cars made by the company includes Esprit, Elan, Europa, Elise, Exige, Evora and Evija. The company also enjoyed tremendous success in Formula One.


Misc L Car Brands


Laboratorio BEBI is a Swedish supercar manufacturer based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was founded by Clas Müller which aims to develop a new type of supercar with an emphasis on weight reduction. This is exactly what they have done when they develop the  Laboratorio BEBI Quercianella which features a lighter V8 engine and a lighter carbonfibre body.


Lanchester Motor Company was a British car manufacturer that was known for their handsome cars during the early part of the 20th century. The company was absorbed by Daimler in 1930 with the Lanchester Straight 8 being one of the last true Lanchester cars.

Land Rover

Land Rover is a British brand of four-wheel drive sports utility vehicles owned by Jaguar Land Rover. Established in 1978, the company originally started producing off-road vehicles before entering the luxury vehicles segment.


Laraki Automobiles SA is a Moroccan manufacturer of high-performance sports cars. Since its inception in 1999, the company has introduced three models so far: 2002 Laraki Fulgura, 2005 Laraki Borac, and the 2013 Laraki Epitome.


LaSalle was an American brand of automobiles manufactured by Cadillac from 1927 to 1940. LaSalle automobiles were manufactured by Cadillac who is also owned by General Motors and were priced lower than Cadillac-branded automobiles. Despite being priced lower than Cadillac automobiles, LaSalle automobiles were the second most prestigious brand of General Motors at that time.

Laurin & Klement

Laurin & Klement was a Czech manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles that operated from 1895 to 1925 when it was acquired by Škoda Auto (the largest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic). The company quickly became the largest car manufacturer in Austria-Hungary at that time after they started the production of their car, Laurin & Klement A. The company also built race cars like the Laurin & Klement FC and Laurin & Klement FCS.

Lea Francis

Lea-Francis is a British company that manufacturers automobiles, bicycles, and motorcycles. Established in 1895, the company started as a manufacturer of bicycles and motorcycles before they branched out to car manufacturing in 1903 when they built cars for the Singer company. By 1919, Lea-Francis started to build their own cars such as the Hyper 1.5 Litre Supercharged, 2 Litre Ace of Spades, and 2½ Litre.


Leblanc is a low-volume Swiss car manufacturer based in Zürich, Switzerland. The company is known for their high-performance sports cars the 1999 Leblanc Caroline and the 2005 Leblanc Mirabeau both of which are street legal race cars.


Lightning Car Company is British sports car developer which focuses on the development and production of high performance electric sports cars. The company’s first model was the Lightning GT which won the Car of The Show at the 2008 Excel London Motor Show.


Ligier is a French automobile and minibus maker established by Guy Ligier. The company entered the automobile business when they built the Ligier JS2. During the early 1970s, the company was also involved in motorsport racing and raced in Formula One as well from 1976 to 1996. Now, the company specializes in producing microcars and minibuses.

Local Motors

Local Motors is a low volume manufacturer of open-source motor vehicle designs using multiple microfactories. The company’s first model is the Local Motors Rally Fighter which was developed using co-creation design. The company focuses on using 3D Printing and utilizing the vehicle designs provided by the online community to develop a vehicle just like what they did with the Rally Fighter.


Locomobile Company of America was an American automobile manufacturer founded in 1899. The company started as a manufacturer of affordable steam cars until 1903 when they switched full-time to producing internal combustion-powered luxury automobiles like the Locomobile Model 48.


Locus Technologies was a Canadian sports car manufacturer. The company is most notable for introducing the Locus Plethore Prototype at the Montreal International Auto Show which was considered to be Canada’s first supercar.


Loder1899 is a German design and engineering company that specializes in modifying Aston Martin, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Maserati cars. The company also restores classic cars.


Lohner-Werke was a Viennese luxury coachbuilding company established by Jacob Lohner. By the early 1900s, the company became one of the first producers of electric cars in Austria. Their work with Ferdinand Porsche led to the development of Lohner-Porsche Hybrid which was considered to be the first hybrid vehicle in the world.


Loremo was a German automaker that focuses in designing and developing prototype cars with an emphasis on weight reduction, fuel consumption, and air resistance. The company introduced the Loremo LS prototype at the 2006 Geneva Auto Show which they claim is going to be a 157 mpgUS (1.5 l/100 km) turbo diesel car.


Lorraine-Dietrich was a French automobile and aircraft engine manufacturer that operation from 1896 to 1935. The company gained a reputation as one of the premier automobile manufacturers after World War I with their racing cars enjoying tremendous success on the 24 Hours of Le Mans series. 


Lotec is a German sports car manufacturer established in 1962 by Kurt Lotterschmid. The firm originally started building race cars before they switched to providing modifications to Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Ferrari cars. The company was famous for building the 1995 Lotec C1000 ,a one-off supercar, and the Lotec Sirius, a supercar that has been produced since 2004.


LUMMA Design is an automotive design and engineering company founded by Horst Lumma in 1987. The company specializes in providing engine modifications and high-performance kits for Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover cars like the Lumma M5 CLR 500 RS.


Lykan is a supercar marque manufactured by the Arab-Lebanese hypercar company, W Motors. The Lykan Hypersport is the first production model under the marque. It is a limited production supercar equipped with a 3.7 litre (3,746 cc) twin-turbocharged flat-six engine that produces up to 780 horsepower.


Lobini was a Brazilian automobile manufacturer which was most noted for building the Lobini H1. The Lobini H1 is a sports car first introduced by the company in 2005. It is equipped with an Audi engine and features a fiberglass body.


Lloyd Cars was British automobile manufacturer established by Roland Lloyd in 1936. The company was most noted for making all the automotive components in-house despite being a small manufacturer. Only two cars were made by the company during its production run, the Lloyd 350, a pre-war cyclecar which was produced from 1936 to 1939 and the Lloyd 650 which was produced from 1945 to 1950.


Lucid Motors is an is an American automotive company that specializes in designing and developing electric cars. The first electric car introduced by the company is the Lucid Air which was designed to compete against other brands in the electric vehicle segment as well as in the luxury vehicle segment. The company is set to start the production of Lucid Air by 2020.


Luxgen is a Taiwanese automaker established in 2009 by Kenneth Yen. The company produces various kinds of automobiles mainly sedans and markets them on local and international markets. 


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