2009 9ff GT9-R

2009 9ff GT9-R 2009 9ff GT9-R 2009 9ff GT9-R

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Following a series of prototypes, 9ff are ready to sell their record-breaking GT9-R. The first GT9s reached speeds over 400 kph and provided a basis for the 2009 production version. The project is a radical departure from traditional tuning since much of the car is fabricated from the bottom up. Much like the Ruf CTR3, the GT9-R has a relocated engine positioned in the middle of the car. Furthermore, 9ff fabricate a new carbon fiber body and fit a twin-turbo, 4-liter version of the Porsche boxer engine.

The first GT9 appeared at the 2007 Essen Motor Show with financial backing from H&R-Spezialfedern. It was specifically built to break top speed records and a claimed 400 kph was possible. Later, company founder Jan Fatthofer drove it to 409 kph and this prototype set the impetus for several more cars.

In 2008 the next evolution of the project took shape with the GT9-R. It appeared like a motor sports version of the first design with an updated front end and fully trimmed interior. With huge decals, it was launched at the 2008 Essen Motor Show with a claimed top speed of 414 kph. Furthermore, engine developments included a Stage 3 package which increased power to an astonishing 1120 bhp. Now, nearly a year later, 9ff is ready to begin production and sale of the 9ff for the general public.

The newest version takes the prototype's shape and updates it for road use. This includes proper signals and a new front end. These prototypes set the stage for an impressive design: the entire body is built around a modified Porsche 911 chassis with a new rear subframe. Attached to this is a new body with carbon fiber panels. These changes help reduce overall weight to just 1600 lbs.

In their brochure 9ff claim a top speed of 414 kph (257.09 mph). The say production is limited just 20 units and the exterior panels can be modified to suit the individual preferences of the first owner.

Power comes from a blown and enlarged version of the Porsche boxer-6 which has three distinct stages of tune. The most radical produces 1120 bhp and can reach 0-100 kph in 2.8 seconds or 0-300 kph in 15.8 seconds! The other stages on offer have 750 bhp and 987 bhp.

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