So Ken Block's mechanics walk into my store

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  1. Looking for an alternator for the Ford Fiesta WRC car.

    He was in town for a drift show preceding the Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR race and Street Wise Drift event.

    We didn't have the alternator, did get a McLaren part number for it though.
  2. lol @ thinking some shoppe has a part for a racecar
  3. It might not be a bespoke racing part. It's just an alternator.
  4. They were British.
  5. Whats last sentence mean
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  7. LOL MAN

    racing alternators ARE FAST!! and made ouf of carbron fibre and magnesiuam!! $$$$!
  8. I doubt a stock alternator would be fit for purpose on a WRC car.
  9. maybe it would or he wouldn't have asked PepBoys? otherwise that mechanic is not a mechanic!!!
  10. depends on the engine, really. You might be able to fit a production alternator on a custom mount to run the rally car's electronics. I doubt a WRC car needs more juice than, say a luxury car.
  11. Block isn't a good WRC driver, so what does it matter?
  12. oh man, his tuner's gonne be pissed he didnt get his hands on that
  13. Yeah man don't give him an alternator because he sucks and is no good!

    *high fives Randy*
  14. whats an ``alternator`` ?
    dont flame me is that some newfangled technology for KERS
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  16. *guys walk in with flat brim caps/sk8 shoes/baggy pants, holding cans of MONSTER energy drink*
    hi, i'm ken block's tuner
  17. lol
  18. lawl
  19. seriously
  20. Did you their feet?
  21. Not too far off actually. Decked out in Monster gear.
  22. Are you mentally retarded gosh
  23. They might have had better luck at CV Products.
  24. They were actually just trying to find a rectifier that was a close enough match to the McLaren alternator.

    Plus, Doug Herbert would of been closer than CV.
  25. yeah it def would of

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