this or an NSX?

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  1. tough choice, lotus has the horses, but ive never been near either car so im just gonna have to ask what other people think
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    Take the Lotus. The NSX cannot compare to it in performance, style, or beauty. Definitely the best street car they've made.
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    I'd Take Lotus, they are both very nice cars, but i'd take lotus Because it's very rare where i'm from :D:D:D--- Canada... <!-- Signature -->
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    Give me the lotus<!-- Signature -->
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    The Lotus is without a doubt a better car, and cheaper.<!-- Signature -->
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    Lotus. No doubt about it. Its cheaper, and more exotic, and a better performer<!-- Signature -->
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    Sorry but the NSX is a gayst car ive ever seen. 90 thou for a slow car. Sure it looks nice. But its slow. I raced one in my dads viper. That thing couldnt keep up.
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    Lotus no dought
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    i love the both cars. i would take a Lotus over a NSX, but in now way does the NSX suck.
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    i'd have to go with the Lotus because of many major factors such as this, the engien is bigger with a V8 compaired to teh average V6 NSX, and the price is cheaper by a little over 10,000 dollars which you can spend to "fix" parts of the car, but overall both are great, neither can compair to a Ferrari F50, to me they are the best

    Ferrar's are the best

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    I'd have to go with the Lotus becuase of the fact that it looks get and so does that NSX, but also the lotus is cheaper and has a V8 and i think is faster, im not sure though
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    The NoSeX cannot compare
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    Lotus definately. Besides I think an NSX costs more and they realy don't have the HP needed. Not to mention that Honda doesn't build the greatest of quality. They do build one hell of a portable generator though.
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    Honda is a good car manufacturer. I can't believe the NSX costs that much though. Well the first time I saw it I thought it was a Ferrari. I would take a Nissan Skyline before the NSX. I think the Skyline is more rare even. If its gonna be a 6 cyl. It better be a I-6 or else I do not want it. I like the Lotus Esprit 2wice as much as the NSX. message for Honda: make the NSX an I-6 or a V-8. or have an option to have either.
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    yeah the L<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>tus is the better car IMO.
    more stylish, more powerful, faster... and its got that british look that's just gorgeous <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I like them both... but Espirit is more beaultiful.
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    I'll take the Esprit over the NSX as well. The only thing I don't like about the Esprit is the fact that it comes with an open differential, although I've heard a limited-slip unit can be ordered.
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    and faster
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    ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTUS!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This one by far!
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    I dunno... you could easily be right, but after watching the 380HP Porsche 911 (N/A) get it's ass kicked by more than a second in the quarter-mile by a 280HP NSX, horsepower only amounts to so much... I love the NSX, I want an NSX more than anything else in the world, but the Lotus is a VERY VERY close 2nd. These cars are very comparable in just about every aspect (better than morons comparing any given car to a corvette... when will they compare comparable cars? props to you!), which makes for a tough call. At any rate, the NSX would be my choice, but by a small margin.
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    NSX sucks!
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    You suck!Anyways back to the topic,both NSX and Esprit are awesome cars
    butI would have to go with the Esprit if given a choice between the two.
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    Why do people make the same threads? Thers like two of these same ones!!!
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    - 'Waiter' 'Waiter'
    - ah yes i'll take the Lotus please
    - why's that sir
    - It's just has that more rare exotic flavour to it

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