118 Wally Power.

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  2. shit me!!!!!
    so futuristic...
  3. The sleek lines of the 118 WallyPower are the result of an extensive R&D programme that included the tank testing at the SSPA facility in Goteborg, Sweden, and the wind tunnel testing in the Ferrari facility in Maranello, Italy

    Smoke test in the Ferrari Wind Tunnel Facility, conducted to optimise the air inlets of the gas turbines, to verify any turbulence and back flow of the exhaust gas on deck and living areas, and to have a further confirmation of the geometry of the hull and superstructure.

  4. humm i like it
  5. Pretty ugly.
  6. its stealth and had guns that pop up too, right?
  7. Ready to shell out 24 million$ ?
    Awesome boat, I love the interior.
  8. #$%#in sweet.
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    This is officially my new wallpaper. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    BTW, I encourage everyone to go to www.wally.com and check out the video!!! Splendid. Just splendid.
  10. Look very stealthy
  11. Nice avatar, man.
  12. Is the 118 Wally Power really worth the price? I mean you can get a Lazzara 108 or something that still looks very nice but conventional for less.
  13. That dpends. Can a Lazzara 108 make 60 knots in 3-foot seas?

    The 118 Wallypower is my favorite boat. It's gorgeous, fast as hell, and not very practical. I wish it used pair of Lycoming TF-80's instead of three TF-50's, then it would be a great deal faster, faster even than the Millenium 140, the current record-holder. The only problem would be that it's range would be even shorter, and it's short enough as it is, 380 nm. It does, however have a pair of cummins diesels for low speed cruising. I still love it to death, though. It looks like a freaking stealth boat. AH!
  14. Yeah what I ment was for substance and practicality, is it really a good deal? Like a range of only 380 nm is unacceptable. And it looks like much of the boats space is wasted to obtain that sleek look. The Millenium 140 does not look as sleek but it is gorgous. I don't know its range but I would imagine further than the Wallypower and is faster.
  15. The range of the 140 is 3000 miles and it is priced at 23000000 Euros which for me, is a much better deal.
  16. The Wallypower 118 beats any boat in the looks department HANDS DOWN!! It's amazing, one of a kind, haven't seen ANY boat that looks so different. The styling is perfect - those futuristic lines just mesmerize... love it.
  17. that is by far the coolest looking boat... screw the big bulky yacts id rather have that
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    oh shit look at this


    Meticulously hand carved dash, made from a single piece of specially selected Honduras Mahogany
    Custom fabricated frameless windshield made from 1/2" glass
    Power actuated stainless steel bucket seats covered in the finest English saddle leather
    Mirror polished perforated stainless steel cockpit sole
    State-of-the-art electronics
    Fingertip control of all mechanical and electrical functions

    Superbly detailed fuel injected 572 cu. in. offshore V-8, producing over 800 horsepower
    Mirror polished stainless steel exhaust headers
    Custom engineered, fabricated, and polished stainless steel and aluminum fittings.

    Length overal 32' - 9"
    Length to bustle 30' - 9"
    Beam max. 8'-0"
    Displacement 6500 lbs. (half load)
    Designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design
    Stepped V-bottom planing runabout
    Cold molded construction with Honduras Mahogany overlay
    Keith Eickert 825hp fuel injected V-8
    Performance - 100 mph (half load)
  20. I still like the old school rivas the best, especially the aquariva and aquariva special
  21. I want a Wally ! Imagine having ur wally anchored at St Tropez, you step out and jump in ur black Enzo....
  22. No.
    I imagine my Wally anchored in Monaco, next to my Rising Sun, I step out and jump in my blue Bugatti. :D
  23. Monaco is for old people . St tropez s way funnier.
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