Best Supercar of all time?

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by realcarsarehandmade, Jun 20, 2004.

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    i don't know McLaren problably has a car that could that could beat it. what about the Dauer 962 LeMans?
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    mclaren f1 is the best supercar of all time. is is a supercar that can be used every day and soo fast!
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    And who says the Enzo cant be driven everyday, pretty sad way of saying a car is better than another. And the Enzo's just as fast and has better braking and handling
  4. Ferrari Enzo: 217mph
    McLaren F1: 231 mph = Enzo is NOT as fast.

    The McLaren F1 was built as the ultimate road car. It has the equivilent luggage space of a Ford Fiesta of the time and is small enough to be practical. It goes faster too. Pretty sad comparing a car that was made 11 years ago to an almost brand new car. Please leave now.
  5. Top speed aside, the enzo is a great car and more than worthy to succeed the f40. But I agree that its sad that a car made so long ago is STILL in the limelight when other hyperexotics make the scene and fall short of the mac's thunder. But, as time goes on, making supercars that set the benchmark higher is getting harder. The enzo's biggest tech showcase is the superfast shifting system. The engine is fantastic, but it's not as impressive as the S2000 inline four. Beyond that, it's the controversial styling that sticks to our minds. But the best supercar title is a hard one to bestow. There's just so many. I'll have to go with the Mclaren. No car I can recall has lasted so long in the comparo game. It doesn't matter anymore if the enzo can handle better. It took Ferrari almost a decade to catch up to it. The only car they could throw in to fight the F1 at the time was the F50...nice, but not as nice. Even if the F1 wasn't first to sport 3 seats across, it's the car we remember, and the only modern hyperexotic to have them anyway. Even if it was quirky at 200mph+, the same would be true for the enzo if not for the gobs of downforce it has and the significantly greater curb weight. But anyway, the mac gets it. 10+ years runnin' strong and still giving the new guys a run for their money.
  6. 1992 Dauer 962 LM- ultimate supercar. the F1 is close, but no. there is no other production car that can equal the performance shown by the 962 LM.
  7. The enzo was not made to be the fastest car on the road. If it was, Ferrari would through in a W24 with a 9speed on it. The enzo was designed to be a legend and a tribute to the founder of Ferrari. They probably did not want to go higher than a V12 with six speed because it is very traditional.

    So the answer to the question, no and yes. The bugatti can go 406 kilometers an hour and this can go 350. But since Ferrari acheives this with a 660 hp v12, it is truly a work of art. (the bugatti had a w16 with 4 turbos cranking 1001 hp.)
  8. The SSC Ultimate Aero TT could smash this car in the quarter.

    SSC Ultimate Aero TT, 1/4 mile in 9.9 seconds.
    Ferrari Enzo' 1/4 mile in 11.1 seconds.
  9. the koeniggsegg ccx is better and the buggati veyron and the ultima gtr the enzo is shit
  10. You know... i've seen the car, but no one really seems to talk about it. this has got to be the first time i've heard talk on the SSC Ultimate Aero TT. I'll go with you on that, its preety ownage.
  11. You are shit
  12. You are shit
  13. It's just another cheap shit car. And only someone stupid could believe that a RWD car could make a 1/4 mile in 9.9 sec with street tires.
  14. It's just another cheap shit car. And only someone stupid could believe that a RWD car could make a 1/4 mile in 9.9 sec with street tires.
  15. You are wrong.
  16. You are wrong.
  17. no. it is fu(king ugly, but i understand its shape is for aerodinamics...

    they could do it nicer i think

    saleen88: maybe in the quarter, but in the track enzo is much better (turning performance)
  18. In terms of anything, the Ultimate Aero TT pwns anything.
    HP: 1183
    0-60: 2.78
    1/4 mile: 9.9
    ...and if you don't have any proof to back up your comments, don't bother posting.
  19. Viper Hennessey 100 the best supercar
  20. No Koenigsegg CCR is BEST
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