BMW M3 vs Jaguar XR

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  1. It's almost official, but based on Road and Track, and Spy Photos, the Jaguar X-Type R will be hitting the market at the end of 2003.
    It's mission, is to beat the M3 with a cheaper car.
    The XR is set to run around 32-35 pounds.
    However, they have not finalized on which engine will be sent to the states.
    It probably will be the 3.0 supercharged engine that will hit the us.
    The current 3.0 has over 330 hp. with a 0-60 in under 5 seconds, stats courtesy of Road and Track. basically matching the E46 M3.
    However, there is a 3.5L in the works, which is labeled as a possible M3 killer, if it does get into full production.
    it might just become a limited production European car.
    HP will be in the high 300s, with the 0-60 in the low 4 seconds.
    the car is set to destroy the 330i, and beat the M3, not only in HP, torque, but also in 0-60 and price.
    the XR will still feature the Mondeo set chassis, with more Jaguarish upgrades and still maintaining the AWD system, which probably will beat the M3 on handling and stability as well.
    the XR will be sold as a saloon, and a estate (station wagon with a 0-60 in 6 seconds)

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    Talk all you like, it won't matter. You'll just have to wait and see.

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    there definete will be a 330+ hp 3.0 Jaguar, during 0-60 under 5.
    that's not the question, read the picture article.
    in road and track mentioned, there is a European 3.5L in the S-Type, which might be brought to the US has a supercharged version in the X-Type.
    granted, you're right, we have to see...
    and regardless the X-Type R will be cheeper than the M3 with at least close performance, if not better.
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    it's official. jaguar xr are to be released in late 2002 in the UK
    two engine variants will come out.
    the 3.0 will be the first.
    x-type r will have 330hp, and a 0-60 in 4.8 - 4.9
    the price of one is set to be around 49k
    though the M3 does start a little cheaper at 47..
    but when you add in the power seats, rear detector, 19" wheels standard, and xenon lights.... all standard options on a XR.
    the m3 is $1,000 more expensive.
    november / december 2002 in the UK you can get one...
    though there is a waiting period, and must pre-order...
    drawback, must wait 3 months to get it, cause of the demand.
    so there you have it
    a 3.0L X-Type R engine beating a 3.2L M3 engine...
    .who would have thought.
    Arden already is planning it's X-Type R, set to go out in late 2003 as a 2004 model year. Will feature a 3.2L X-Type R engine, which probably will see a 15% increase in HP, and a 20% increasein Torque, plus its .2 to .3 seconds faster 0-60, and common drag coefficient of .31.
    Jaguar found it's answer to the M3...
    let's now wait to see BMW answer...

    S-Type R vs M5, winner = S-Type R
    X-Type R vs M3, winner = X-Type R...
    notice a new trend?
    though, bmw does have the better pure 6 cylidner engines.
    time for the beemer to add a supercharger, before the other car companies blow them away!
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    Your logic eludes me. Since when does the X-Type R beat the M3, it hasn't even come out yet. And how does the S-Type R beat the M5? Have the two even been in a competetion yet? Not to mention that the new M5 hasn't even come out yet. I love how you think that the X-type R will beat the M3. Oh, you're worth a good laugh.

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    First you say the X Type R will definately be cheaper then the M3, then you confirm its the exact opposite which PROVES you have NO CLUE what you are talking about. Too bad the Jaguar will have a shitty chasis and suspension.
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    i just proved to you the X-Type is cheaper... by thousand dollars, what is your point?
    correct me if i'm wrong, just getting 19" wheels on the M3, a 1,800 dollar option makes it more expensive than the X-Type.
    isn't it a shame a chassis claimed better than BMW is beating a BMW?
    the X-Type 3.0 is cheaper than the 330, and the X-Type R will be cheaper than the M3...
    notice a trend here? should i go on?
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    when the X-Type first came out... the Jaguar X-Type, the A4, and the 330i were tested.
    the 330i, at a test price of $2,500 dollars more, being the most expensive beated the X-Type by .1 seconds in the 0-60 department, with minimal difference. The X-Type was claimed to have the better handling on curves (AWD system). The A4, was far cheaper than both, giving respectable numbers.
    The X-Type since then had some minor power upgrade surpassing the 330, from 231 to 246 in some European countries.
    the 2003 Jaguar 3.0L engine has 246 not 231.
    My statement is this, the S-Type 4.2L kills the 540i.
    The S-Type R being cheaper than the M5 surpasses it,lets do this again


    M3 Sedan: $56,220
    M5 Sedan: $72,620
    S-Type R: $62,400
    X-Type: $43,695
    X-Type R: $53,975 (35k pounds starting for those in the UK)
    330i: $42,960
    Z3 Road: $44,220

    all cars are fully loaded with navigation, winter, premium packages premium sound, etc.

    Jaguar 4.2 L 400 HP / 408 ft lbs of torque 0-60: 5.3 (5.1 manual)
    BMW M5 5.0 L 394 HP / 368 ft lbs of torque 0-60: 4.8
    BMW M3 3.2 L 333 HP / 262 ft lbs of torque 0-60: 4.8
    Jaguar 3.0 L 231 HP / 209 ft lbs of torque 0-60: 7.3 (7.1 manual)
    X R 3.0 L 330 HP / 300 ft lbs of torque 0-60: 4.8 (4.9 auto)
    330i 3.0 L 225 HP / 214 ft lbs of torque 0-60: 7.0
    Z3 Rd 3.0 L 225 HP / 214 ft lbs of torque 0-60: 6.0

    so you said Jaguars expensive? look and compare before you talk
    again, the Beemer only beats the Jag in 0-60
    Jaguar has more HP, and Torque....
    Jaguars are now giving you more value for you bucks.
    To note, that the Jaguar wheel base are from 2-4" longer than the BMW competitor making the cars heavier than its German counterparts.
    again, BMW better watch up, cause there is a competitor that's going to fly pass them.
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    some cool pics
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    A storming 330bhp R version of the imminent X-Type sports saloon is in the pipeline, Jaguar has announced. The company's managing director Jonathan Browning confirmed the exciting news – and sent a clear warning to rivals that the car is only the tip of the iceberg as far as expansion plans for the X-Type go.
    autozone article, published as well through ford press release
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    X-Type 3.0 Sports with a Manual does 0-60 in 6.6, sorry for the error
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    Hmmmm... then why did you say this? "the price of one is set to be around 49k
    though the M3 does start a little cheaper at 47.."
    That would tell me that the M3 is cheaper, which means you proved that the XR is more expensive. Why is the chassis beating the 330i? Give us some facts here, and stop contridicting yourself.

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    The 330i does the 0-60 in 6.1 seconds. None of your info is credible. I've got a competetion here between ten sports sedans, both the 330i and the Jag are in it. The Jag came 10th, and the BMW came 2nd. So how is the jag "beating" it? The Jags base price is $35K USD, and the BMW is $34k USD. I'm not even gonna bother going through all the rest of the numbers, I'm just gonna say who got better numbers out of the Jag and the BMW. The BMW braked better, handled better, did the slalom better, and got better MPG. You're stupid.

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    prices and stats for the bmw were gotten from
    so bother bmw for ther stats. yeah you're right bmw is stupid.
    jaguar came in 9th btw, and maybe it's people like you who ignorantly believes its a Ford copy. 2nd because it's a new car in the entry therefore there isn't a confidence, also it was the problem filled 2001 x-type compared, most cars in their first years aren't great, that's trully unfair to compare, but lets look now in the present will we...
    2003 will be different as all the numbers now show for 2002 and beyond in favor of the X-Type. With a growth rate of above 50-70% increases per month in sales, the X-Type has become the preferred Saloon in UK, SPain and Italy. There is the confidence and the realization that when you actually take the car out of the dealership it's cheaper than the BMW competitor, that's the fact, and if you dont believe it well....
    keep on trying to fool yourself. most people prefer to take out a fully loaded car especially paying above $30k, but yet again there could be exceptions.
    The 2.5 starting at $29K USD btw. With the 2.0L around 20K pounds.
    those exchange rates also inflate Jaguar's prices if you weren't aware.
    MPG? what you talking about dude? find out the numbers before you call people stupid, because you're looking like an idiot right now.
    about the base price is right...
    and that's cause bmw fool everyone.
    at 35k with a jag you got an automatic tranny as a STANDARD option,
    at 34k in the bmw you got a manual, which you have to pay $1,600 i believe to get it, making the bmw more expensive again..
    jaguar has more standard options than the bmw, do the research.

    about my stats:
    prices were aquired with the exception of the x-type r, which was from an spy article, were from the respective car manufacturer site.
    so go complain to BMW that they have wrong stats...
    you, are an idiot.
    and you prove to me that you are an idiot.
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    Oh, you got the numbers from did you? Because I just checked it and you were off on all of them. The 330i was still MSRP $33 990. The M3 was $45 900, The M5 was $69 900, and the Z3 was $37 700. So again none of you're information was right.

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    maybe you misread:

    M3 Sedan: $56,220
    M5 Sedan: $72,620
    S-Type R: $63,045
    X-Type: $43,695
    X-Type R: $53,975 (35k pounds starting for those in the UK)
    330i: $42,960
    Z3 Road: $44,220

    all cars are fully loaded with navigation, winter, premium packages premium sound, etc.

    read the last part?
    "all cars are fully loaded with navigation, winter, premium packages premium sound, etc"
    i tried to match them up.
    because the R version comes with automatic, 19", Premium sound, Xenon lights, moon roof, power driver and passenger seats, heated front seats, homelink, rear detecotor, rear spoiler, all as standard options, which in bmw you have to pay extra,
    making the BMW super more expensive. almost $10,000 more expensive when comparing the S-TYpe R and the M5....

    X-Type starting MSRP is $30,595....
    S-Type R is 63,045....
    again jaguar is cheaper, with better muscle.
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    The 3.0 X-type is MSRP $36 595, so I'm not sure which one you're talking about, or why you brought it up. You're refering to the 2.5 X-type, so why would you be comparing that to the 330i? The 325i has an MSRP of $27 100, so its cheaper than the 2.5 X-type anyways.

    And also I don't know what car you are actaully looking at when you say BMW M3 Sedan. I'm pretty sure you mean the Coupe.

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    yes i meant the M3 coupe the coupe.
    granted the 325i is 28,220. x-type is 30,595
    $27,100 to $29,950 as MSRP
    let's see what the X-Type has, and what the bmw dont offer as standard.
    which i believe is pathetic not to offer as standard in a quote on quote luxury company.
    how about power seats. that's 945 more.
    on board computer, 300 more
    making the prices very similar, 29465.
    but,the BMW doesn't come with leather though.. what a shame.
    but you can get it for 2,000 more as part of the premium package.
    see at least Jaguar has luxury has standard, all options on the BMW.
    i dont know how many people would buy a beemer with cloth seats, but ok. then it really depends on your taste for AWD. not the best system for perfomance, but its good. bmw does have dsc has standard, an option of the x-type sports. for 1,500 you also get refined suspension, and spoiler. so again, the price is pretty close.

    so the cheapest 300 series bmw is little cheaper than the cheapest Jaguar, fine you got me on that one... let's look at performance of these two.
    Jaguar 2.5
    194hp @6800
    180 ft lbs torque @3000
    0-60 7.9
    140mph top speed
    3,428 lbs
    183.9 inches width
    106.7 wheel base
    Full Time 4-WHeel Drive
    10.3 Compression
    overdrive: YES
    Curtain Air Bag System
    20 (City) / 29 (Highway)
    Turning: 35.6
    Cargo Volume: 16 cu ft
    Braking: 60-0 mph in 136 ft.

    BMW 325i
    184hp @6000
    175 ft lbs torque @3500
    0-60: 7.1-8.1
    127 mph top speed
    3,219 lbs
    176.00 inches width
    107.3 wheel base
    RW Drive
    10.5 compression
    Overdrive: NO
    20 (City) / 29 (Highway)
    Turning: 34.4
    Cargo Volume: 11cu ft

    in this description it shows the x-type 2.5 virtually out dueling its bmw competitor
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    So when you say virtually outdueling, you mean the Jag is worse in pretty much all measurable aspects? Is that what you mean?
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    So how is it better? Its slower 0-60 and it doesn't turn as well. You have very poor logic.

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    how about the X-Type 2.5 have more hp, torque and 0-60 you idiots
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    the x-type has an average, the bmw has slow and fastest case you couldn't tell
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    if my recollection is correct, the 2.5 actually has better braking, and the reason for its big turning is cause of its larger length.
    almost mentioned was the fact the X-Type doesn't have traction control while the 3-series do.
    it's without a doubt, that the jaguar 2.5 engine is better than the bmws 2.5
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    jaguar beats the bmw in:
    top speed
    air bag / security
    cargo volume

    the bmw beats the jag in:
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    yahoo cars:
    "With an entry-level price of just £22,000, the 2.5-litre Jag is some £1,600 less than the equivalent BMW 325i. The 2.5 Sport test car comes out of the box at a nicely rounded £24,000, a full £2,000 less than the 325i Sport.
    Slightly smaller than the new Mondeo, the baby Jaguar puts the resurgent Ford-owned company on a head-to-head with BMW, whose pole-position 3-series is now under serious threat from Coventry's finest. Just as Schumacher must be working on a strategy to fend off Montoya next season, so BMW will no doubt need to work on a game plan to limit Jaguar's conquest sales."


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