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  1. Im not?
    But don't you know who I think I am?
  2. The owners/bartenders in my local waterong hole are both Scots. Apparently they have started studying Swedish so they can apply for a Finnish citizenship (Finnish is too hard).

    According to newspapers, Sweden received more citizenship applications from Brits during a week than they do in an average year.

    Not a mass exodus by any standards but interesting nevertheless.
  3. Populists thrive in the opposition. They like to whine and ***** about everything but when it's time to do something constructive, they can't. Farage got what he wanted and left. Maybe he'll return when all the difficult decisions and arrangements between the UK and EU have been made so he can't be criticized if something goes wrong. Or find new things to insult and complain about.

    This episode of South Park did really crystallize the essence of populist politics:

    "I'm just asking questions!"

  4. I can no longer obey; I have tasted command, and I cannot give it up
  5. Sometimes I wonder if my step-father being Canadian would make it any easier for me to get a Canadian passport
  6. Speaking of passports, I was in Lidl yesterday and I noticed an Asian guy was carrying his UK passport in his shirt pocket. It made me sad because it was likely he'd chosen to carry it to try to combat people being racist towards him since the vote.

    All the referrendum has done is show me just how many awful people live in this country.
  7. You are the one who says I am insane when I am clearly not. You perhaps like people to be sheeps and perhaps never question themselves to the decisions or the choices, they are confronted to. A referendum is the most democratic way to hear the people's voice.
  8. I did say hello to several black persons and you did you even say hello to one? Not good to make shitty assumptions when you know nothing about what you are talking.

  9. Worry about France. Leave the American politics to the Americans.
    Clinton is a corrupt liar. Trump is a crazy liar. Either way Murica is boned in this election.
  10. I want to like this, but it actually makes me want to cry. [​IMG]
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  11. I have a part of my relatives living in the US, so I am indirectly concerned by whhat happens in America. In France, we have such a garbage president and government that you can't even imagine. The French politics are far far worse and of much lower level than they used to be.

  12. I get it. I'm just saying that no matter how much you rant and rave and backfire everybody here. America is not going to be the same for a very very long time. No matter who becomes presidentry in this election, they are going to screw up the country more than the next 5 presidents will be able to fix.
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  13. I'm still hoping one day this is true

    Or at least to the extent that his campaign is just a big show and he ends up being a really good president
  14. I don't think you really realize how much money cost people living on welfare, who benefit from social helps and a social housing and who aren't working. This is valid for Europe as well as the US. Problem in the US is that gang related crimes have been always existant whereas in Europe despite there are no gangs but there are radical djihadists and now also USA faces problems with djihadism. You know clearly who are the people rotting in US jail cells as well as in most of European countries jail cells,so why ignoring it?

    Now tell me one thing if Obama really cared for fighting against terrorism then why did he release some Al Quaeda leaders? Please do tell

    Also hillary was given a backup by the KKK, see the links , they don't lie:
  15. I know and this is just very sad. Same with my country, it won't be the same as well.
  16. What I'm trying to say is that when someone makes a choice based on the cons of one side rather than the pros of the other, that's a problem. I'm not talking about you specifically, because you don't live there and don't get to vote (luckily), but many Americans seem to be thinking in this backwards manner. Trump is doing a good job speaking to people who are afraid of change in a changing world. In a way, that brings us back to the Brexit topic.

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