Chevy Beretta?

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  1. Does anybody know anything about '92-'95 Chevy Berettas? I know theyre hideous but I just need a daily to get me through the rest of my senior year and then I can junk it. What kinda problems are common w/ them? Any specific trouble areas? What should I pay for it?...God knows I'm paying out my ass for gas for my 383. Thanks-Rich.
  2. get a decent car
  3. They're pieces of shit, on top of that GM doesn't support them with parts anymore and lots of the stuff you've gotta get from a junk yard.
  4. How much do you want to spend?
  5. In all honesty they are good daily drivers. They arnt slow but they arnt fast. Keep an eye on the head gaskets. Tray and get the 3.1 V6. Thats the best and dosnt have the head gasket problems. I had a corsica a while back and I bought it for $900, I treated it like garbage, I hardly had to ever fix anything, and it lasted me two years before the head gasket was trashed (I just said screw it and tossed the car). When I bought it, the car had near 200,000mi. I could tell you what you should pay for it if you gave me year, miles, and condition.
  6. noone thought you wouldn't
  7. whenever I had to get parts it was easy as pie. Very inexpensive too. I think Im the only one here who has had a car from that family.
  8. wouldnt what?
  9. everyone and their mother owns those cars. all the more reason for everyone to agree that they are piles of shit.
  10. then why do they own them? Why are there so many still around?
  11. think they were good daily drivers, when everyone else agrees they're piles.
  12. ok off the pile of shit idea, i just want help and so far Z06 is the only one who helped. thanks...dont know the mileage, its a '93 2 door (all of them are i think) exterior is fine, fading paint, no scratches or visible damage, havent gotten to do a magnet test yet. Interior is, well its a used car. Door panel is a lil ripped, driver seat has a tear in it, its pretty dirty.
  13. because where i live is GM country so they're everywhere, and kids get them as hand me downs from their parents.

    it doesnt make them good. it doesnt mean they arnt piles of shit.
  14. No problem. Well because I dont know the miles I cant give you that accurate of a price but if the miles are high...I would go under 1000. If they arnt 900-1100. Actually its also good to hear what they are selling it for. That gives a good idea at the quality because they know the car best. It sounds like it needs some TLC but it will certainly last you. If you are or know a mechanic or mechanic in training...I would bring him along. All barettas are coupes, BTW. The worst part sounds like the interior which can be fixed alot more easily than alot of people think. If it smells bad then I would look for leaks.

    gerbel, again, I probably have the most experience with them here so you dont have any room to talk.
  15. Well if they are around and lasting then they are obviously ok. The fact that there are still more around shows how good it is. I see them all over the place to and Im not near detroit.
  16. cool thanks alot. one more question, what kinda mileage do they get?
  17. no. i spent two years in auto fixing cars an hour and a half a day. a great deal of them were gms simply becuse of the amount of them around here. Which of course it means that i worked on a shitload of berettas and others on the same platform

    i know all their problums, i know how crappy they were from the get go, and i know how beat to shit a used one is now. the 3.1 isnt a very good engine, the cars are always neglected, and i know you can buy a used civic or something that will actually last you without any hassle.
  18. what? 10 year old cars are common, no matter what kind they are. you dont understand, everyone around here has minimum 2 people in their family that work in a gm factory. naturally, they are all going to buy gms.

    i dont live near detriot either. if anything detriot is ford country because of dearborn.
  19. Thats because you had a mainstream problem for a part which GM used on all their vehicles. What exactly did you have to replace?

    I've worked on 4 seperate Berettas and 2 of those times the customer had to go to the junk yard and pickup the part, that is highly irregular.

    And the 3.1 is basically a piece of shit too.
  20. You mean Z06 is the only one that thought it was an OK car.

    Its a piece of shit plain and simple, it will hold up for a while. But sooner or later it will fall apart from neglected maintainance or just because. Might be something easy, might be something expensive. I'm telling you I've looked over these cars of four seperate occasions and I wouldn't buy one.
  21. Definitely watch the head gaskets on those. I've been elbow deep in coolant in a Corsica, and you don't want to be there.
  22. one of my coworkers at the cinema had one. He drove it daily and I got a few rides in it. the interior is a euro's nightmare but the car has a little zip to it. Its no performance car but it scoots when you want it to.
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  24. yeh, buy a japanese car

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