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  1. GENERAL Y - September 17th 2006

    A couple of days ago, someone happened to ask me my age. For me this has always
    been like a game: let's see how far they'll be off this time. As a 23 year-old, skinny built,
    losing hair and having glasses because my eyesight isn't exactly brilliant, I have heard
    every guess between 18 and 30 so far. This particular guy said I looked like 21. I said he
    was right, of course. In reply, he said, that means that I'm part of "Generation Y". Despite
    that I haven't heard of this term before, I somehow felt offended. No one likes to be put
    in generalizations like that. Well some do, but those generalizations that are actually
    complimentary don't apply to me. Think of terms like sexgod and irresistable. Anyway,
    because I didn't feel like asking what Generation Y actually was, I went home to google
    up information about it.

    Basically, Generation Y means that I'm between 18 and 28 years old and that I felt offen-
    ded for completely nothing. Of course, when I'm 21 (eh, 23) I happen to be between 18
    and 28 years old. I'm also part of the MTV Generation and the Boomerang Generation,
    but am somehow too old to take part in the Internet Generation. But anyway, I got la-
    belled as Generation Y-participant, whether I like it or not. And there are Generation Y
    statistics. When buying cars, Generation Y happens to care more about price, image,
    durability and value for the money than older generations. 6% of new cars are bought
    by Generation Y nowadays and surprisingly, the market share of General Motors is
    dropping with comparable figures. Well, not that surprisingly, considering "Y" cares about
    image and durability, which GM frankly doesn't offer. And there are another 70 million
    Generation Y'ers about to buy a new car this year in the USA.

    42% of all Acura RSX' are bought by Y'ers. Well done, Honda North-America. You care
    about your future customers, and chances are, that if Generation Y feels good about
    your products and services, that they'll keep buying your products. General Motors claims
    that Generation Y thinks that the Chevrolet Cobalt is the most buzz-worthy vehicle that's
    for sale in North-America. 78% of Y'ers don't agree with this statement and want to buzz
    the earlier mentioned Acura RSX, the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, the Scion tC and the Su-
    zuki Reno. The Cobalt actually hardly makes it to the top 10. General Motors also thinks
    Generation X loves the Hummer H3 en masse. I yet have to witness anyone actually
    liking the car. Sweetheart even cracks up laughing everytime she sees one passing by.
    Laughing in the same way I do when I see a Jack Russell Terrier sprinting with rear wheels;
    it looks pathetic, and deep inside I feel sorry, but I can't help but laugh at it.

    A quick look at ("local news for the world") makes me less worried about General
    Motors though. When typing the keywords "General" and "Motors" to the sophisticated search engine, I get 4 hits. The 1st about how many billions loss DaimlerChrysler
    is having this time, the 2nd about how Ford can't afford thousands of people working for them,
    a 3rd about an aeroplane company I'm not familiar with and the 4th one about how the oil-
    prices are going down. Personally, I think the big 3 nowadays are Toyota, Nissan and Ford.
    DaimlerChrysler and General Motors are the current AMC in the story. Fiat wanted to get out
    of General Motors one and half a year ago and keen as these Italians are, they made GM
    pay 2 billion dollars upon their departure. It made my mind explode. Headlines at that time
    in the USA (news week) were "GM leaves Fiat in the dust!". So seriously, is it just me, or
    are General Motors in denial considering the position they're in?

    Also, I'm not really from Generation Y, because I read 10 minutes ago that it's a Canadian/
    American-only thing. I'm not from there, neither do I (and Sweetheart) fancy living there. And
    sure it's easy talking from here in the Netherlands, without any major car corporations. We
    have Donkervoort, which isn't big, but it's profitable. And in the same province, Flevoland,
    there's Spyker too. They recently bought a Formula 1 team, so I assume they're doing a fine
    job as well. Meanwhile, I'll keep searching for news about steps of General Motors I'm
    actually able to agree with. When they find in their museum a bucket big enough to save
    them from sinking the ship. Todd Radke's father, a 30 year General Motors employee has
    the solution. "The only thing that will save GM are 200 well-placed funerals". By this he
    means the styling department. I think he should give Afghanistan a call to make it happen.
  2. I said "Donkervoort" out loud and then laughed
  3. Suzuki Reno? Thats a damn Daewoo! (or how you spell it)
  4. I can't help [email protected]! =D
  5. GM sucks, but they do offer reliability. That's about the only thing though.
  6. My borrowed Chevy Matiz disagrees lol
    But yeah.

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