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I leik this thread;

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  1. Figured we should have a thread for daily ramblings/foamings/stories that don't really deserve their own thread. This is that thread.

    People try to say how crazy Trump is, but this dude is straight bat shit crazy:

    Also, first time in a while got just before work sex. La woman has finally finished all her classes needed to get into PA school so she has more free time. I forgot how great of a start it makes the day.
  2. people that like this guy and people who like trump have a huge overlap
    "Strong Leader" because hes willing to kill for his whims
    also have a similar tenuous relationship with the truth

    **** people who are into this. just the most basic simplistic thinking
  3. Bored at work. Eating lunch in my car. Screw talking to the plebs in the lunch room.
  4. you should go to the bar and have a pint for lunch #bestlunch
  5. Duterte is batshit crazy yeah...
  6. Last time I did that at a restaurant, the owner walks by. Hid it from view with my arm and was wishing myself invisible.
  7. my TV still hasn't arrived and its been two fucking weeks
  8. Where from?
  9. Vancouver initially.

    Even a train is faster or a truck
  10. why hide it
  11. LOL I meant what company.
  12. Drinking and going to work wouldn't look good to the owner.
  13. Indian Microsoft support guy called me, warning me of hacker activity on my Windows. I said "I'll tell you what: you go and **** your mother" and hung up.

    I regret not saying "oh, how about you get on my TeamViewer and fix it for me, Sir? Or... If it's easier for you... Go and **** your mother."
  14. Costco
  15. Shit probably got stolen.
  16. lol this is still happening, what a bunch of desperate folks
  17. "supposed to get a call within the next 24h"

    you have to call and whine so you get your shit
    so 20th century ffs
  18. "How did you get this number?! I pirated this copy of Windows!"
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  19. Also, boobs and balls.
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    At the end of November I was given precisely 2 months' notice to move out, which was fine (they want to turn the building back into a hotel, as it once was - in fact, I am essentially living in a hotel right now) but I quickly figured out I may not have enough money to do it so that's been really stressful. Thankfully I've spoken to the agent to beg for a couple of weeks extra so that the notice period includes three pay days which would mean I'd be able to afford to do it without borrowing anything from anyone. I'd start a rant about letting agents and how they're all rip-off merchants but I don't have that much time. Add on the fact that it's not exactly the best time of year to spring this on a tenant... Ughhhh

    ANYWAY this puts me back in the familiar position of knowing I need to move but not being able to do anything until the cash I need for fees, deposit etc etc is in my hand. I have to keep looking for places to move to in order to get an idea of what sort of place I can get, and where I need to look to get it, but there's almost no point because it's unlikely anything nice will sit on the market for two months. It's just a frustrating exercise.

    If having to move house wasn't annoying enough on its own it's caused further disappointment because I'd been doing a lot of overtime recently (30-40 hrs a month) anyway so I can pay for my holiday next year as soon as possible, so I was reallllllly disappointed to find out that suddenly all of the cash I'd banked has to be spent elsewhere, along with all of the extra cash I'd be earning for overtime already worked but not paid for, and already agreed to and yet to work. It was a lot easier to motivate myself to put in the extra time because it was all going towards something I'm really looking forward to but now this bombshell has dropped It's very demotivating knowing it's all going on something forced on me. I'd planned on buying my plane tickets in January but that definitely isn't happening now. All that's going to do now is force me to have to delay buying flights and risk a substantial price increase, and potentially it means that I won't have as much to actually take on holiday with me etc, and it means I'm going to have to keep doing stupid overtime hours to ensure I can still do what I wanted to do instead of just working normal hours like I'd planned because I'd given myself plenty of time to save up. Basically I can see this fucking up the first 6 months of 2017 for me.

    I'm rambling now but all in all I'm really fucking annoyed about the whole thing. I've firmly decided, however, that the next thing I really need to concentrate on is getting on the property ladder myself. I've moved 6 times in the last 10 years and I'm tired of it now. It's time to stop lining other peoples' pockets for absolutely nothing and start putting money into something that will actually be mine eventually.

    In other news, I bought some fkin inline skates and I'm learning how to ride on ramps and shit. It's been 15 years since I did any lengthy skating sessions. I'm so unfit now. 90 mins and I'm dead. The best thing about it really is that now I'm older I have no self-consciousness about looking "cool", so I can just actually enjoy it. I was really apprehensive that I'd just bumble around and would need to learn how to skate again but it genuinely feels like I'm picking up where I left off half my life ago. Before the end of 2017 I want to have landed a backflip of some sort, and hopefully be able to ride a vert ramp. An hour into my first session (on horrible rented skates) at this ridiculous park I sprained my wrist but I've since bought some pads so now I can look like a real dork and have an early midlife crisis all at the same time!

    Fun Fact: Scooter kids have no spatial awareness and get in everyone's way.
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  21. It's the bunch of moronic fucks falling for it daily who share the blame. If the idiots who hand over their life savings to scam artists didn't exist, there'd be no scam artists!
  22. I read an interesting thing - that email phishing scammers and fake look-alike websites often intentionally leave in bad grammar or spelling or phony logos that obviously give away they're scam, because they want to scare off the people who are smart enough not to fall for it in the first place. If they don't catch onto that stuff, they're more likely to be taken in by the scam and not waste a lot of the scammers' time.
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  23. My friends daughter and his girlfriend's mother fell for the "Your PC is infected, call now" pop up scam. I can't believe they still bother sending the emails saying "300 girls want to ubeck $300 week no wears" in the subject. I mean, it's not even coherent.

    Don't you have a contract? Or did they wait till close to the end of it before they told you? I thought UK has some strict rules on housing/renting.

    Oddly enough, I couldn't skate worth a shit as a fit teen. But as an older overweight adult I can skate better.
  24. I read somewhere that around 25M$USD per week is stolen by that kind of technique in USA
  25. Oh, man. I feel your pain. I moved three times last year and it was so taxing. Especially the not knowing where you will live next. Fortunately the last time I moved into my own place. It is such a huge relief that you would not believe it. Just knowing that "I will live here until I CHOOSE to move again" is so comforting. Even though you will be worried about the mortgage and housing market and utility bills, it is so worth it. And you can change the shit that annoys you and know that it's an investment.

    It's really frustrating and demotivating to feel like you are wasting your time and hard-earned money on shit you can't control like this. I really hope it works out for you!

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