EVO drives the MP4-12C

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Tipo F130A, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Racecar-engineering
    Dog & Lemon guide

    Just to name a couple
  2. Consumer Reports
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    it does sound really quiet in the C&D vid. my gay honda is probably louder
  4. Where is the central driving position???

    Give me 458 please.
  5. Where is the central driving position???

    Give me 458 please.
  6. Toilet publications that 99,99% of the world is reading/watching(The strength of any media is nothing but is target audience/viewers/readers and the media's ability to maintain (and grow) that group of people. If it's journalits havn't got - in this case - a clue about cars it doesn't really matter)

    PS. I do think that a guy like Jason Plato (BTCC champ) or J Clarkson know a thing or two about cars. Ofcourse not as much as you know. I mean you have an Internet connection and your mum is giving you money to buy magazines ....
  7. Where is EVO eh?
  8. Yeah, I'd have to say EVO carries more weight than all of those magazines put together.
  9. Why? Because Chris Harris - the biggest Ferrari hater in the world - now writes for them ?(actually he doesn't. He's freelance (for a reason))
  10. Like shooting fish in a barrel.
  11. Who isn't a BTCC champ these days?

    And Jeremy clarkson? "Hai guiz I'm on the tv look at me do stuff."
    Yeah, his opinion is really important the world over, especially to #%$goty fanboys like yourself. He'll do anything for a buck.
  12. Biggest Ferrari hater in the world...who has bought at least 2 of them. Did you miss the part where he doesn't come right out and say the McLaren is the better car when he just as easily could have?
  13. they say it cost them 620 million in R&D to develope it..
  14. you DO realise that all of those were written BEFORE anyone had driven the McLaren, and now that they have, they're all saying that it stomps on the 458?

    yeah, just shut up
  15. Are you retarded?
  16. The real question is, ARE YOU RETARDED????
  17. Say the right thing here, James...i know you want to.
  18. Oh and this 458 fanboy with his ferrari-emblem-tattooed penis just can't take that this mp4 is pretty ridiculously good and a better performer than his beloved car
  19. had a customer buy one of these this week instead of a 458 without even seeing one in person. despite being on Ferraris prefered client list (which would have meant him getting his car in April instead of July).

    the 458 is not a better car. this happens everytime any car in this particular segment comes out. the newer the car is the better it is. the next Gallardo or Gallardo replacement will be faster then the McLaren, then the 458 Scuderia will be faster than that, then the newer McLaren will be faster still. now I'm going to repeat myself so you can get this into your guido skull

  20. yeah, we already know about ferrari's press cars
  21. No no no! Wrong. The Kia MP4-12C RS //GTI might be a better car than the 458. It also might be faster. But it's also 1½ years newer (though it looks like it's 10 years older). That's a while in the car industry nowadays. In 2 years the 458 "Scuderia" will be out and destroy the Kia. Does that make the Kia Mp3 a bad car? No ofcourse not....it's great (havn't driven one yet be I'm sure it is really good)

    PS.You ever thought of why car magazine is featuring a cover story where the car on the cover is actually shown from the rear?
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    Here's Chris Harris driving it himself:

    He seems to love it.
  23. So you claim BlackRoseRX7 is wrong, yet you agree with him that the McLaren is faster than the 458?

    Also what has Kia to do with anything?
  24. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you can't tell the difference between McLaren and a Korean economy car manufacturer, even when the forum is clearly labeled "European Cars"?
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    What's the signficance of that? TopGear has a special cover with nothing but the rear of the new Stratos on the cover. Evo has a cover featuring the rear of the Huarya. You ever thought of why Car of Italy had this cover (note the position of the 458):

    Besides, CAR UK already had the front of the car on the cover:

    Maybe Car wanted a rear shot so as to differentiate themselves from the half dozen other mags on the shelf with similar frontal shots of the McLaren.

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