gallardo lp 560 blue

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by gallardo, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. pics request :

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 in blue caelum

  2. It's not Blue Caelum, but it's pretty
  3. That grey honeycomb vent stuff looks horribly tacky
  4. It sure does look tacky and not only that I bet it restricts about 25% of the possible air flow.
  5. Is the requested blue the light, powder blue color?
  7. If that's not Blue Caelum, it's awful close. Look up 'blue caelum' on Google.

    I think the powder blue is called 'Celestial' or something similar. Both are beautiful. Another thumbs-down vote on the silver vents. They look cheap but since they're on a Lambo they probably aren't.
  8. is this the right color?
  9. That color is Celeste Phoebe
  10. love that matte finish
  11. i still think green is the best color for lambo's
  12. Those are OEM parts fitted by the factory. Without them, a rather large stone could easily take out a radiator or oil cooler rather easily, leaving you stranded and looking for a flatbed.

    I don't mind them painted silver, but they should have masked off the centers of the honeycomb sections that are not open, leaving them black. It would have been tedious work, but the end result would have been better IMO.


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