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  1. The guy I know who has an iPhone can type on that thing faster than I've seen anyone type on a Blackberry. Because you don't have to press anything you can be way quicker with your strokes. And it has this sweet conversation layout so it kinda looks like an IM conversation.

    And yeah, they can all do it, but the iPhone is an all out iPod. It makes the mp3 player on a Blackberry look like it's ancient. Honestly the only downside to that phone is it doesn't take video, and as far as I'm concerned that's not much of a downside.
  2. i will agree that iphones MP3 player is sikk.
  3. I'll go to Rogers in a week and play with the iPhone and Curve 8900. I won't decide until I feel both devices and play with them.

    The Curve 8900 is the best full-qwerty smartphone on the market as of yesterday, and the iPhone 3G is the best touchscreen smartphone on the market. It'll be interesting to compare.
  4. the storm looks pretty cool, but im getting a freebie non-3G iphone. i was looking for apps to install and i think the weather eye app from the weather network, vlingo, and tap tap revenge look good for starters, anyone use any of them?
  5. Only buy Nokia.
  6. The problem with touch screen is manufacturers can't use the same type as apple because they have a patent. I forget exactly how it works but it's by far the best system out there.
  7. huge fan of the n810w internet tablet, but a little too pricey for me right now. i ran the weather networks desktop app and it was nice so waiting to get that onto the iphone. someone also pointed me in the direction of asphalt 4 to dl for iphone too which looks pretty cool, but im not sure if it's free or not
  8. I agree with CMG. Touchscreens are terrible to use, and I would never buy one on a phone.
    I love being able to pound out a text message without looking at my phone. You just feel the buttons and know that everything is ok.
  9. Trade for LS meshes, no tires?
  10. I sold that shizz for 650 and used the money to buy a Macbook Pro. I could have sold it for more (like, a grand maybe) but then I'd have to put it on ebay and deal with all kinds of hassle.
  11. The Iphone was a good phone, but I hated how the browser would slow up and then crash randomly. Besides that, the battery life was shit, and no mms blew chunks. I'm on a N95-4 right now, but I may get rid of it, and look into a E71. The battery life on those is fantastic.
  12. From what i've read you can't use the Blackberry's wifi unless you have a data plan which ispretty shitty and almost defeats the purpose of having wifi in the first place.

  13. Your N95 gets better battery life than an iPhone? That's kinda weird.
  14. When I first got a N95, it was pretty shit. So I returned it and got a Iphone. Both have shitty battery life, but when I sold my Iphone, I bought a Samsung Soul and the triband was killing me, so I'm back to an N95 and the battery seems decent. I was online today, used google maps, and took a bunch of random pictures and I still got full bars of battery.

    My old iphone would be at one bar by now.
  15. BB Storm is getting 50% return rate.
  16. Floptastic
  17. I'm curious how the 'clicky' screen works.
  18. It seems like a 'clicky' screen would make sense if you used these things like a mouse, and you could click without moving and move without clicking. But the inability to do that doesn't seem like any handicap on the iPhone (except for the last of copy-and-paste)

    ...that is it's a solution in search of a problem.
  19. I bet texting with two hands works like shit.
  20. It's just slow and frustrating. Slower than real buttons, slower than on a regular touch screen like the iPhone. Overall the device is really slow too. Like, turning it on takes forever, when it sleeps or whatever it takes literally five seconds to come back, switching to portrait is slow, it's glitchy. And it's also really #$%#ing expensive. Do not want. I actually PREFER my piece of shit samsung.
  21. I think your iphone battery was messed, that's not normal.
  22. The iphone a coworker has was pretty much the same. Not like it matters anyway, I might be taking a job up north soon and rogers has zero service up in that area. Telus is the only company with reception and I may have to go back to Telus.
  23. I bought a Curve 8900. I played with the iPhone in stores a lot, but I wasn't feeling the touchscreen. I prefer the trackball and buttons.

    Both devices have a lot of similar apps, but the Blackberry is less of a data hog.
  24. I think what I like most about Blackberry is that it's just a solid all around platform. No BS, no lag, it just works.

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