guess who owns it?

Discussion in '1980 Ferrari Pinin Concept' started by bmwm5power, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. sultan of brunai. he also has a 550 maranello station wagon.
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    that sultan owns every car on the planet I think...
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    hes even started buying ausie cars now

    he has taste
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    how can u blame him like who wouldnt want ta buy this beauty?? lol rare but ugly


    Speed means nothing if you dont got handling thas how people get messed up. And not cool
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    it is owned by garage francorchamps
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    this is so whacked!Definately the sultan.Flat "6"?what a taste!
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    you got that right dude!but flat 12 not a flat 6.
    it's 0-60 would be ablut 1 day hahahaha!!!!!!!
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    obvious really.
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    but they at least experimented with a 4 door
  10. That Sultan has alot rare cars, he's got:
    + 1996 Aston Martin AM3
    + 1994 Bentley Java Concept
    + 1988 Cizeta-Moroder V16T (3 Cars of 11 has made !)
    + 1996 Ferrari F50 Bolide (special for him)
    + 1996 Ferrari FX
    + 1989 Ferrari Mythos Concept
    + 1997 Ferrari 456 Pininfarina Estate (3 cars of 10 has made)
    + 2001 Ferrari 456 Saloon (special for him)
    + 1996 Ferrari 456 Pininfarina Venice ( 4 cars of 10 has made... i think )
    + 1993 Mercedes 600 SLE Koeing
    + 2001 Mercedes 600 C Koeing
    + 1990 Jaguar XJR-15
    and more of strange Bentely concept cars and other rare classic cars
  11. yer ferrari make special one off for him, lucky guy

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