Help me out?

Discussion in '2007 Sun-Red SR21' started by ET2K, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. Never herd of this car can someone give me some histroy?
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    What country is it from?

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    Help me out?

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    It's based on the Caterham super 7 which is being built in the UK. I think that the Birkin is also English. (I'd rather get the Caterham)
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    Actually the Birkins are made in South Africa but are resold worldwide. It is very similar to a Caterham Super 7, a kit car that is in the image of a Lotus 7 roadster. They sell both rolling chassis and do it yourself kits. The Birkins are quite a bit cheaper and are offered in a LHD option which is nice for people in the US. sells kits for around 17g.

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