Hi there For South africa

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by autotourismo, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. The differences aren't too big, I should be well able to understand Afrikaans.
  2. Do you witness car jacking every like 15 minutes? And have you ever seen someone lit on fire by one of those car alarms? That would be pretty cool...
  3. Many White South Africans have moved to my country because of the instability over there.
  4. really?
    i have only ever mat 1 south african thats living here.

    and on the all blacks, i think its good to see a lot of new players in the squad, obviously justin and the like will be a bit #$%#ed off, but meh.
  5. na, btw, all this forum has for the most part is flames
  6. na, btw, all this forum has for the most part is flames
  7. Too rouight.
  8. I kinda wish my dad had been transferred to South Africa, I think that would've been pretty sweet.
  9. carjackings/murder is awesome.
  10. totally!
  11. No man guys it is not so bad here in Sa
  12. Is Hansie still alive?
  13. Still alive, and still fixing matches like never before.
  14. I knew Australia could never get out for 93!
  15. And New Zealand only beating Bangladesh by 3 wickets!

    Damn you, Hanse!
  16. and AIDS

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