HOLY FRIGGin snap!

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    "So yesterday I step out my front door and parked in front of my neighbour's house is this Porsche Carrera GT. I looked it up, the price tag is just under $500,000 US. So while me and this old guy from across the street are checking out the car we notice there's something sitting on the front seat... a key with a Porsche emblem on it.

    A greater goon than I would follow this up with a story about hopping in the car and heading to Mexico but my common sense got the better of me and I left the fate of his car up to gods... who I hope punished the owner properly.

    Took the pics with my crappy phone camera, sorry if the quality is shit."
  2. It was probably the key to his OTHER Porsche.
  3. should have put the key in the ignition just to see if it turned over/if the stereo is any good.
  4. *Made copies of said key.
  5. Bad Cops Bad Cops
    *musical noises
    Bad Cops Bad Cops
  6. Should have started it up to see if the owner came running and then asked for a ride..
  7. should've taken the key to the owner, and hopefully they'd be nice enough to take you for a drive/let you drive it in thanks.
  8. Thats what I'd do
  9. I thought the cgt key was rounder, not like other porsche keys.
  10. 5-10 years ago there was a guy locally with a 355 that'd leave his key in the ignition and doors unlocked EVERYWHERE he went because crime was so low.
  11. A real #$%#ing badass would have taken the bloody thing and driven it into a nearby wall for fun.
  12. I really dislike the non leather steering wheel in the CGT. It looks cheap.
  13. It looks like it fell out of his pocket.
  14. Police sting operation.
  15. somebody might have just stolen it and was so scared that it was tracked that they left the keys there for the next guy who wants a free porche
  16. This sounds like the most likely situation.
  17. Maybe it's free.
  18. Ugh, I'm glad I didn't see it. I have issues with wanting to do illegal shit, the temptation would be so strong. I'd more than definitely pussy out though.
  19. lol turn the ignition then boom <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>
  20. Yeah right. Like they'd afford to rent out a CArrera GT and have the money to wire it so it shuts off/whatever.
  21. Thr guy knows that there is 1% chance that whoever will find the key will be able to drive the car away without stalling :p
  22. +1
  23. Seriously. There's a 0.004% cahcne someone could steal this without getting caught.
  24. anything transported to poland will dissapear.

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