Italian styling + amerikan powerplants...

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  1. German engineering and Walter De'Silva styling.
    Why ask for perfection if you can obtain more?
  2. That's a pretty stupid comment I must say, specially when that combination already exists...
  3. What is the point of the poll? The Italians make the best engines in the world especially for sports/super cars. Second best engines are the German and japanees ones? Why would you put a US engine in an Italian car? (If its not a De Tomaso from the 70´s)
  4. So tell me more about how the italian engines are best, german 2nd best and jap 3rd best.
  5. I'm talking about Audi, if you haven't understood it yet...
  6. The engines are part of the Italian car package...aren't they?
  7. duh, Da Silva + Germany = Toledo. Try to refuse the truth if you want, but that's all there is.
  8. Also Audi design comes form DeSilva, and Toledo has been a mistake. Maybe in that period he was very ill...
  9. I think he was being sarcastic.

    AC Cobra, any of the new Astons. Oh snap, how could I forget, the GT40?
  10. Da Silva hasn't yet designed an Audi which has already been on sale or announced.
  11. For sure.

    "You buy the engine, the rest comes with for free" ...
  12. and chinese price tags
  13. damn
  14. UGHH
  15. Do you remember that F355 with a 4.6 Mustang engine swap?
  16. American egnines beat itialian ones.
  17. Panteras are so #$%#ing awesome.
  19. yeah. that was awesome.
    Although it can be said the music from a Ferrari engine is sweet indeed.
  20. Something like a 308 with a DZ302
  21. A6, Q7, new TT...
  22. No.
  23. So, who designed it, according to you?
  24. Jorge Díez designed the TT. And the Q7/A6 are too old for having being designed by Da Silva, who was replaced at Seat by Luc Donckerwolke in September.
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