James Bond car collection for sale

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    The world's largest collection of cars from 007 movies which includes six Aston Martins has been put up for sale for an eye-watering £20 million.

    Multi-millionaire Michael Dezer bought dozens of cars from the James Bond museum in Keswick in 2011 and added to it over the next two years.

    The real estate mogul's collection includes the tank from Goldeneye, the Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me and a yacht used in From Russia With Love.

    The newest cars in the collection are the Audi A5 and the Land Rovers used in Skyfall (2012) while the oldest is the Fairey Huntress boat used in From Russia With Love (1963).

    The 59 vehicles have been on display at a museum in Miami but Mr Dezer has now decided to sell the collection - which has to be bought as one lot.

    The US businessman has asked his British representatives Stuart and Barbara Donovan to find a buyer.

    James Bond fans who have a spare £20 million can buy the collection of 59 vehichles [SWNS]

    It is the best private collection of Bond cars in the world

    Stuart Donovan - UK representative for Michael Dezer

    Mr Donovan, from Hampshire, had found the initial batch of memorabilia for Mr Dezer and said: “When I first heard about the collection I phoned Michael and he flew in on his private jet.

    "We picked him up, he then bought all of the cars and flew home later on.

    "There are six Aston Martins including two DB5s, one of which was Pierce Brosnan's in Goldeneye. It includes both of the ice cars.

    "It is the best private collection of Bond cars in the world but it is probably in the wrong place being in Miami.

    "When we found the collection, we shipped it all out to the USA. Hopefully we'll be able to ship it back to a British buyer so the public can enjoy the collection."

    Multi-millionaire Michael Dezer with the tank from Goldeneye [SWNS]

    The collection up for sale also includes thousands of James Bond memorabilia including toys, posters and photos.

    If you wish to enquire about the collection e-mail Mr Donovan on [email protected]


    Land Rover (Casino Royale)
    Russian T55 tank (Goldeneye)
    Cagiva motorcycle (Goldeneye)
    Lotus Esprit Turbo white (For Your Eyes Only)
    Aston Martin DB5 with gadgets (Man from Uncle George Lazenby)
    BSA Lightening motorcycle (Thunderball)
    Aston Martin DBS (OHMSS)
    Toyota 2000GT (You Only Live Twice) Not used in film.
    Triumph Stag (Diamonds are Forever)
    Jaguar XKR (Die Another Day)
    BMW 750il (Tomorrow Never Dies)
    BMW R1200 motorcycle (Tomorrow Never Dies)
    Aston Martin V8 with skis (The Living Daylights Lotus Esprit Turbo bronze with skis(For Your Eyes Only)
    Lotus Esprit S1 (The Spy who Loved Me)
    Aston Martin V8 (The Living Daylights)
    Aston Martin DB5 (Goldeneye)
    Lotus Esprit (Spare for parts)
    Helicopter shell (The Spy Who Loved Me) Not used in film.
    Lotus Esprit Submarine (The Spy Who Loved me)
    Aston Martin Vanquish (Die Another day)
    Fairey Huntress (From Russia With Love)
    Cagiva motorcycle (Goldeneye)
    Parahawk & figure (The World is Not Enough) Skidoo (Die Another Day )
    Q Boat (The World in Not Enough)
    Road version Hovercraft (Die Another day)
    Glastron GT150 (Live and Let Die)
    Alfa Romeo 159 (Quantum of Solace)
    Wetbikes x 2 (The Spy Who Loved Me)
    TUK TUK Taxi (Octopussy)
    Kawasaki Z900 & sidecar (The Spy Who loved Me)
    Renault 11 half car (A View to Kill)
    Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Diamonds are Forever)
    BMW Motorcycle (Tomorrow Never Dies)
    GP Beach Buggy (For Your Eyes Only)
    TUK TUK Taxi (Octopusy)
    Speedboat (Live and Let Die)
    Litte Nellie Autogiro (You Only Live Twice) Not used in film
    Dragon tank (Dr No)
    Replica Mini Bede Jet (Octopussy)
    Gaz Volga (Goldeneye)
    Mini Citroen 2CV (For Your Eyes Only)
    Yellow 2CV (For Your Eyes Only)
    Replica Yellow 2CV (For Your Eyes Only)
    Replica AMC Hornet (The Man with the Golden Gun) Not used in film
    MP Lafer (Moonraker) Not used in film
    BMW Z8 (The World is Not Enough)
    Q Boat (The World is Not Enough) hull
    Renault 11 Taxi (A View to Kill)
    Rolls Royce Sedanca de Ville (Goldfinger) Not used in film
    Ford Thunderbird (Die Another Day) Not used in film
    Land Rover (Skyfall)
    Lada Riva (The World is Not Enough)
    Lockheed Jetstar Jet(Goldfinger) Not used in film
    Land Rover (Skyfall)
    Audi A5 (Skyfall)
    Lotus Mould (The Spy Who Loved Me)
    Reef Ranger Mini submarine (Licence to Kill)

  2. The living daylights V8 Vantage is probably my favourite from this list.
  3. I'd want something horribly ordinary, like a random Alfa 159 or Audi A5.
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    It's not on that list but I love the green xk8 driven by the Asian guy, aside from the silver Astons of course.

  5. Toyota 2000GT
  6. yeah this
  7. yeah I'd take the 2000GT and the Lada
  8. This collection lacks the Renault 5 Turbo from never say never again

    Coolest Bond car
  9. No Alfa Romeo GTV6 Quadrifoglio from Octopussy?

  10. But you can get half a Renault 11!
  11. Aston Martin DB5 with gadgets (Man from Uncle George Lazenby)

  12. AMV8 and Esprit Turbo thx

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