Lexus V10 LFA's Symphony Of Exhaust Note

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    The laudable Lexus LFA has tantalized our senses from it's conception to its ultimate demise. From setting production car records at the Nurburgring to being hooned upon delivery, this car does no wrong in our eyes (apart from the fact that there are only 500 in existence and the fact that it costs more than the average home in North America). We came across this video of an LFA at the 2013 Sportcars St. Moritz event.

    It's not a bad combo, sports cars, the Alps, a resort town in Switzerland and a track setup that allows your car to rev to stratospheric heights with little to no potential for disaster.

    So, without further ado, click the link below for this short vid that lets you hear this #1 of #500 LFA sings its symphony of horsepower as its ripping a hot lap on this wide open track. The GoPro perspective is pretty neat and it allows you to feel just how quickly this refined beast scoots around.

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