Looks awesome

Discussion in '2005 Audi RS 4 Sedan' started by Krillmeister, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Yeah i think so too, this car looks Bad ass.

    and it is also so beautiful.
    Me too, that is going to be a hell of a car, expect 500+hp.

    And for those who say that RS6 will not have such power,because it will compete with the Gallardo, Probably not true.

    The Gallardo & upcoming RS6 is 2 totally different cars, Supercar vs Saloon/Estate.

    Because Audi want's to kill the M5, and as you all know, it has 507hp.

    Also audis S6 has 435hp (Tested in a swedish magazine on a dyno).

    And the previous RS6 had 110hp more than the S6, so expect 500+hp.


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