McLaren777 Reportage: RIAA, Webhost, local Police

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 996 911 Turbo, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Holy shit dude
  2. His hosting account will probably be frozen pretty quick. and I have printscreens and the file information.
  3. go to bed!

    I will now too
  4. It's not too big of a deal. It's not like I wanna see mclaren go to jail, or something. It's just good to teach him to stop being such an asshole.
  5. *hugs*
  6. I still would have waited 'til you recieved confirmation something was being done so he can't change his site. I'm happy to delete.
  7. wuv
  8. This is getting harsh.
  9. I'd personally like to see something done about his stupid driving on public roads. The rest, not so.
  10. I warned him beforehand that I would report him to the RIAA. If he didn't realize how incredibly serious this could be, it's his own fault.

    If I actually really wanted mclaren to get pwned, I wouldn't have posted it. this was mostly for my entertainment and that of the people on here. If i really wanted him to get screwed, I'd have waited until actions took place by the authorities. but frankly, as irritated as he gets me, I'll give him a chance to shape up. however, since I have the printscreens, I would be breaking the law if I didn't hand them over if asked...
  11. the only reason he did this was to get back at luke and gain popularity with the Mac777 haters. its petty.
    what luke did has interfered with the masturbation rituals of several members here...but thats hardly enough justification to potentially ruin his life by informing RIAA and the Police.

    if there was genuine concern over the piracy and reckless driving, he would have sent the email without posting screens of it on this site.
  12. So for this he could go to jail/be fined a shit load of money?
  13. hey the more persecution he gets, the more brownie points he gets in heaven.
  14. I've called Luke, and I've told him what I've done in PMs. He has the option of editing his site if he wishes, deleting this thread now would do nothing.
  15. Post the PM's.
  16. I doubt it. Its not as if 996 911 wants to see Luke end up in jail...

    But +1 dude.e
  17. no jail.

    "up to $150,000 per infringed copyright."

    I count 5, minus the extrasuprpower and GT4 ones. that adds up to $750,000.
  18. Mc777's view on sin is squewed, the record companies have been screwing their loyal consumers for half a century, this is us simply returning the favor. I personally give a big #$%# you to the record companies
  19. It's not going to get that high though
  20. it wont be 150,000 per infringed album, thats the maximum. notice the words "up to"
  21. the record companies have been screwing their loyal consumers for half a century

  22. Dude, don't you think you are going a little too far if he's fined even anywhere near $150,000?
  23. Poor Luke if he gets fined for 150k.
  24. jesus has his back.
  25. clearly, but that is what the posibility is. most likely if he is fined at all, it'll be like $10k max for all of them. which will still be very painful i'm sure.

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