McLaren777 Reportage: RIAA, Webhost, local Police

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 996 911 Turbo, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Thats immaterial, the point that he was breaking the law still stands. whether or not you think he should be reported/this thread is funny is another matter.
  2. Driving like a moron on public roads can potentially ruin the life of innocent people. Posting videos of it on your own website is incredibly stupid.

    I'm not saying making this public on this site was an ideal way to go about doing so, but if you're stupid enough to post a video of you driving like a loon, you deserve your comeuppins.
  3. i don't know, ask Luke.
    but regardless of that, Luke had more grounds to do what he did, than 996 911 Turbo did to retaliate.
  4. I am sure you know that kids under 13 come to this website.
  5. It's not up to 996 911 Turbo to consider the consequences. It's up to the person who broke the law.

    I hope he doesn't get fined but he should be punished in one way or another.
  6. in your SHO? more comfortable and a normal belt?

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  7. I suppose I understand what you are saying.

    More or less concerned about the member who reported him and their well being... that's admirable, actually.

    So long as you aren't condeming the action of reporting his website on some sort of moral principles, I understand. What 996/911 did was the same thing Mc777 did... except he did it to Mc777.
  8. kids under 13 come whenever they go to this site....or any other porn site for that matter. yes, i called scnet prawnographic
  9. And any images that are 18+ get deleted. Last I checked, FHM didn't have an age limit for purchase, and images in a similar vein are constantly complained about.
  10. is not blocked under most net blockers, furthermore most parents think its ok and safe for their kid to be in a car site.
  11. yes, and as i said...he handled the situation in the worst way possible by going public. i questioned his methods, and drew the conclusion that the reason he did such a thing was to gain entertainment out of the members here who like to target individuals for entertainment.

    why should this site allow what is obviously Bullying.
  12. McGillicuddy? Intense.
  13. most parents think that, yes. this site is soooo not CyberNanny save.
  14. A friend of mine wasn't happy with what has transpired. I wasn't planning on posting this on, but, well someone already made a thread.
    He reported McL777 for his emulators/ROMs. If anyone knows about Nintendo's relationship with the emulation scene, you should know they're like rabid dogs and could very well likely press charges incurring a fine for around $500,000. If McL777 is lucky, he'll just get a warning and have to remove the ROMs from his site.
  15. btw, my music is on the site, and it will stay. i own all the copyrights to it, and i WANT it there. so .... if something happens with that, i'll be in court right next to luke
  16. Geez.
  17. I don't think linking to roms and emulation is illegal.

    It's only illegal if he host's the rom files on his site that he doesn't own.
  18. I don't like mclaren either, but seriously, get a life.
  19. Yeah, this is way overboard.

    Keep the E-problems on the Web.
  20. funny how Mac777 hasn't posted in this
  21. ehh, maybe hell have some time to read the bible in prison, probably the best case, and realize he is very selective in his faith. By even going to this website he is sinning...

    oh well.
  22. it's good stuff
  23. If you read my post regarding the fines, I didn't include your stuff because i knew you had approved it.
  24. he hosts the emulators.

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