Monocoque in 1928?!?

Discussion in '1922 Lancia Lambda' started by LanciaDeltaIntegraleS4, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Wow, that's impressive. The monocoque body didn't become popular in America 'till the mid seventies! Yay Lancia!

    PS-Everyone who reads this should write an e-mail to the guys at and tell them to put a Lancia Delta Integrale on the Present Supercars list. It's one of the best cars ever, and neglects it! <!-- Signature -->
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    haaa haaaa
    haaaaaaaaaaaaaa<!-- Signature -->
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    vette shut the hell up. Both Lancias deserves to be here. I don't know why they chose to put this version up instead of one of tho open top sport models. It was this car that introduced unit construction and was one of the first to produce a form of indapendent front suspension. This was a milestone car. <!-- Signature -->

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