My NEw Focus PPriject

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  1. My Focus Project

    i know most of you wont like the looks but..

    k so i changed my idea, now im pretty much just ricing it out as much as you guys will hate that, heres the mods:

    body kit
    two 2000 watt subs and amp
    two button steering wheel
  2. My Focus Project

    For those of you that dont like the looks, youve gotta admit the rest is bad ass.
  3. My Focus Project

    Stage 1

    Get in touch with reality and buy a better car.
  4. My Focus Project

    AAAhaHAHAAhahawherha hahwhawhwahwhhawerhhhhahahaaaaaa!

    Srsly, save ya dough and get something better. I know you can do it, just resist the rice.
  5. My Focus Project

    i dunno, when its done it would be the only thing on the street like it, and when it comes to choosing the car to start with i like this because its fairly lightweight
  6. My Focus Project

    Stage 1 - Abort Mission.
  7. My Focus Project

    Here's the thing, Tone. You are NEVER going to finish the project. Just try to be a little realistic here. Do you even have any idea what the base cost of your proposed mods are, much less installation and troubleshooting and upkeep costs? I promise you that you will not finish it, and will end up with just another of the million+ unfinished ricerockets that run around our streets. Save us and yourself the time and just work towards buying a nice-from-teh-factory car.
  8. My Focus Project

    yah stage 4 and 5 might actually just be replace with that
  9. My Focus Project

    toniferrari is such shit
  10. My Focus Project

    I kinda feel bad <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    It's like a disease.
  11. My Focus Project

    My best advice: DON'T DO A DAMN THING TO YOUR CAR! You will enjoy it more since it won't break down constantly or look/sound like shit. It will serve you better in the long run. It won't make people go 'ZOMG, WTF happend thar? Reckt?" It will have a MUCH MUCH MUCH higher resale value.
  12. My Focus Project

    toniferrari rocks. you people suck.
  13. My Focus Project

    Ditch the bodykit. Just do it.
  14. My Focus Project

    Shut your mouth, you nagger.
  15. My Focus Project

    u shutup, toni is one of my favoritest niggers.
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  18. My Focus Project

    yes i have a good idea of the costs, stages 4 and 5 could be done with 30 000. but i might just spend that on a new car.
  19. My Focus Project

    im actually black but that doesnt offend me
  20. My Focus Project

    Stage 4/5 are beyond retarded.
  21. My Focus Project

    stage 1 and 2 are as good as done i might not even do three. all my friends dont like my idea but #$%# i think it rocks.
  22. My Focus Project

    You should amend your stages to this:

    Stage 1

    Focus SVT-specific cat-back
    Track wheels and tires

    Stage 2

    Racing suspension (I'm not sure what you mean by this, but I'll leave it)
    Upgraded brakes
    Stripped interior
    Sparco seats
    Roll bar/cage
    Racing harnesses
    Proven relatively reliable engine mods (cams or something)

    Stage 3


    Stage 4

  23. My Focus Project

    I'm also black.

    from my waist down.
  24. My Focus Project

    Focus RS or die mother#$%#er
  25. My Focus Project

    All of you people #%[email protected] about 'get a better car' are the same people who shit themselves over some Civic with a completely stock exterior because it's "JDM".

    That stated, toniferrari is an idiot. Instead of wasting all that money on (200hp nitrous?) he should buy the damn turbo kit.

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