NSX vs. ZO6 vs. 911 Turbo

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    Ive read in some places that the nsx is a very tigth turning car that has insane handling but has a tendency to swing out the back due to the MR setting. The 911 is actually rear engine ( engine is behing not over the rear axles) and people say the same thing about that. MR and RR are better for acceleratin than FR because you get all that weight to push down on the wheels BUT it also limits the line between how much u can counter steer over steer without scrubbing the frotns. So i would think that the ZO6 is a better car to own both performance and daily drivability wise. The turbo would next and then the NSX, whcih even tho slower has great handling. And also i would like to comment that this is a very tight comparison and a very good thread, +1 to you my friend.
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    Sorry that I am providing this without a link, but Road&track has run a particular article twice in the last couple of years called "Sibling Rivalry" pitting 2 cars each from varios manufacturers against each other at Thunder Hill (raceway?). Among other vehicles, they tested an NSX, a 911 Turbo, and a (2001) Z06. Yes, that is the 385 hp version, just in case you need to be reminded. The only car that outlapped the Z was a Ferrari 360 Modena. The Corvette placed ahead of the 550 Maranello, approximately 2 seconds ahead of the 911, and almost 6 full seconds ahead of the NSX, which, incidently, posted times much closer to a Camaro SS!!! than a Z06. Not only that, it only beat it's sibling S2000 by about 3 seconds. If anyone can give me a good reason, I may be willing to research this further, and/or scan it in, but it should be out there for anyone who wants it. So, clearly the NSX should not belong in this group. The 911 got beaten around a track by a car that it can out accelerate. I am sure there aren't many car shoppers out there that debate between buying a 911 or a Corvette, but I personally would take the Z06 any day. Not only is the performance already there, but there is more potential to tap. I won't however say anything bad about the 911. The NSX, on the other hand... $90K? What a joke.

    Edit: Sorry, I haven't read the article in a while. It wasn't Motortrend as i originally said, it was Road&Track. Props to Guibo, who has already posted the link above, but maybe some were too lazy to read it as was I.
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    Please, if the NSX can take the 580Hp Murcielago around the track, it's bound to take the Z06 down too
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    Z06 is 0-60 in 3.9 too
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    After posting something like that, I should sure hope you'd post this test for us all to see?

    The Z06 has, indeed, produced lap times several seconds faster than the NSX on many occassions. On the same day, with the same drivers, and time after time, the results are the same.


    For those of you too lazy to read that article, it clearly shows that the Z06 achieved lap times over a second faster on average than the NSX. You'd also notice that every driver set his fastest lap in the Corvette.

    This alone would seem like compelling evidense, but let me dig back further to R&T's 'All-Star Triathlon' where the Corvette was faster through the slalom, pulled higher grip on the skidpad, and was faster in the 0-100-0. You read right, that was back in 97, where the Z06 simply didn't exist, and in its place stood a 340hp Corvette, without any of the Z06 goodies, which go beyond the 65 horsepower it was short.
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    Definitely the 911 turbo would win, drag strip or track, or flat out. Then the Z06, then the NSX. If I had a choice of which to own, again the turbo is first on my list, but I'd take an NSX before the Z06. I just dont like vettes of any kind.
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    I would recommend reading, it works wonders. It might bring you to posts by Guibo and others showing where the Corvette has indeed pulled faster lap times than the turbo. These are easily found and available in more than one thread.
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    the 911 would defiantly win because it is 4wd(good for accel. and handeling) and it also has a high top speed. the Z06 could stomp the NSX any day also

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    The Corvette Z06(not O) is the best u can get 4 the money. The 911 Turbo is a great car, but u gatta take the $100,000 price tag into thought. And the NSX jus sits there and blows cock.
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    its not a case of not reading, buddy, its a case of not ever finding those lap times. So lose the sarcasm
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    You can find them on page 2 of this thread.
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    Ok then let me go further back, Remember when R&T did a 6 car comparo

    In the June 1999 issue of Road and Track magazine Mario Andretti did a road test with 6 of the hottest cars to determine which had the best handling. Five of the cars tested were the Acura NSX, Ferrari F355 Spyder, Dodge Viper GTS-R, Lotus Esprit V8, and the Corvette ZO6 (He also tested the Porsche Carrera 4). Mario Andretti concluded that his personal favorites were in this order (and I think we all know that Mario Andretti is an expert on the subject):

    1. Porsche Carrera 4
    2. Acura NSX
    3. Ferrari F355 Spyder
    4. Chevrolet Corvette Z06
    5. Lotus Esprit V8

    (The Viper came in last)

    1. PORSCHE 911 CARRERA 4:"The 911 Carrera is predictable and has some understeer but there's no drastic trailing-throddle oversteer. The overall balance of the car is excellent because you can induce controlled oversteer, not snap oversteer. On the corner exits, it's predictable and comes out nicely. The outcome of this test suprised me to some degree. I feel the people at Porsche have done a great job with the car and it is the most civilized of the bunch; that's the benefit of all wheel drive."

    2. ACURA NSX:"The NSX is all understeer, but for a road car it's more desirable because it's safer. It is very stable and has a 'flat' feel. But the best thing about it is that if you want to let your hair down, it will let you. Ask for more power and it's there. Actually, I'm not suprised the NSX had the second-fastest lap times because it was the car I was most comfortable with."

    3. FERRARI F355 SPYDER:"The Ferrari is a Ferrari, and it's EXCELLENT in every way. It's fabulous until you start playing with the limit; it does not like to be overdriven. Its biggest problem is oversteer. Although turn-ins are very good, the rear becomes squirrelly through the exits. It's easy to spin because it lacks the power to pull out. But the engine itself is sooooo nice, by far the best in the group. Whenever you have a street-legal machine that pulls 8500 RPMs, it's AWESOME."

    4. CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06:"The Corvette has a lot of power, but on a light track it gets lost. 405 HP seems like a lot, but not when the torque band is too short. It really needs more refinement, but the handling is predictable. It is actually 'neutral' when talking about oversteer and understeer. Although it is not too vicious, you still have to drive it. I'm quite pleased with how the car felt."

    5. LOTUS ESPRIT V8:"This is a car that likes being driven 8/10's and is a lot of fun. But if you have to hustle at 100% it becomes unsettled. The rear end hikes up, disrupting the balance and feeling of the car. Also, the turbo-charged engine isn't very flexible so you can't cornerwith just the throddle. Only if you hold back a little will the car reward you with good cornering feeland response."

    LAST PLACE.....THE DODGE VIPER GTS-R:"The Viper GTS-R is a MONSTER but it's a lot of fun too. What it lacks in finesse, it makes up with power. Its character is similar to the Cobra; very crude, but that is the nature of the beast. In turns, you use power to pull yourself out. The learning curve is steep and you need to get organized in the cockpit before you rip into it. It requires the most driving of the bunch. It does feel sloppy, but you learn to deal with it. And although you're very busy in the cockpit, the rewards are nice."
    -Mario Andretti

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    Re: NSX vs. ZO6 vs. 911 Turbo

    Mr. Andretti tested a '99 Z06 did he? An amazing feat, considering the car doesn't exist. The Z06 has only existed since 01.

    Ignoring this mistake -most likely on your part,- I still find it hard to believe you find that article overly relative. I've posted solid lap times, and you refute them with Mario Andretti's personal preference in terms of handling. Simply brilliant. It's obvious the Corvette will lap a race track faster, it's been proven time and time again.


    Here we see the Corvette lapping nearly 6 seconds quicker, while the NSX struggled to put even 2 seconds between itself and the Camaro.

    You can, however, stick to opinions about handling if you think it's more important than proven track performance and lap times.
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    SkylineFreak, why don't you just give us the link to the article in question? You copy & pasted, and then edited in the part about the Z06 and the "405" hp. It wasn't the Z06, it was the regular Corvette. Here's the article:

    Also note that even though Andretti didn't like the Viper as much as the others (subjectively), he did set the quickest cornering segment times with it, and it produced the top skidpad and slalom results of the group. The old Viper isn't exactly an easy car to drive (actually, Steve Millen thought it was the easiest to drive quickly on the track in a '98 comparo with the 996, M Roadster, C5 Cabrio, NSX, and F355; and yes, he turned in the quickest lap time with that Viper as well). It demands a very skilled driver to comfortably get it to its handling limit, without going beyond. In that sense, it's not too different from many race cars.
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    what model was the NSX in that comparison? Because I think the NSX should also be in the leauge if it is the 2002 coupe model with 6 speed box.
  18. My thoughts and observations

    911 trubo X50
    911 turbo

    I should mention that I and friends have tested personal vehicles with the gtech meter. The 911 turbo with X50 package under worse than average conditions, on a 112F day, heat soaked after city driving, with two people in the car and a full tank of gas, using 3500 rpm(higher would be slightly better) clutch drop, and good 1 to 2 shift, does a bit over 5 seconds from 0-60. Pull a second or so from the Porsche time if it had notably cooler intake temperatures. The Z06 with two people in the car as well, but on a cool 65F day, spinning out of the hole to feather tire traction, and a good 1 to 2 shift reveals low to mid 5 second 0-60 runs. Don't underestimate the light weight, mid engine, NSX up to 60 mph, but the other two cars will drop the Accura hard once in motion.

    I also have account of the 911 turbo pulling on a Z06 from freeway speeds. I also have account of the 911 turbo X50 pulling on a regular 911 turbo from freeway speeds.

    Don't rely on magazines and Internet specs. Real world is a whole different ball game.
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    Sorry but I find this thread a little wierd. I don't get why we are comparing best models against normal models and don't bring "Well they are not sold in the US" cause you know what the world doesn't revovle around the US or should I say you!

    Here is a more appropriate comparsion.

    911 Turbo X50

    Now its a more close and fair comparison. My opinion would be the 911 Turbo X50,then NSX-R, and then the Z06. The 911 is definitely first its slightly faster than the Z06 and definitely faster than the NSX-R. Also its looks fantastic but that is an opinion not a fact. The porshce has original style and is beautiful in its own way. The NSX-R is second just because of the respect I have for it and because of how well engineered it is. Yeah it is a Honda, which isn't a bad thing, but it is definitely doing good with what it has. Look at all the other cars hp figures and look at some track numbers you will see that the NSX-R is not far behind in time, even though it is far behind in the HP game, it is at least 110 hp under the other two in this comparison. Yet is still does very good for what it has and that is why I give the Honda NSX Type-R 2nd in this comparison. Now one of the greatest bang for your bucks car the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. I, and I speak for everyone hear, can easily say that the Corvette Z06 is a very, very, fast car for its price but that is all that I can say for it. It looks good but quality is lower, it is mass produced, and it has common styling compared to other cars. The round rear lights are used by many cars ex. Lotus Espirit, Ferrari F355/F360/F50/F40..., Mclauren F1, Nissan Skyline R32/R33/R34, Ford GT40, and probably much much more. The sid Unlike the NSX's and the porsches which all have there very own traits. Well that was my comparsion and explaination to my list but remeber that is just my opinion and how I see it.

    Also if you want proof of NSX-R being on par with the Z06 look at this.

    That is a video of a NSX-R doing 7:56 around NurburgRing and if I remember correctly the Z06 does it in 7:55 not a big difference.

    Oh and for the ignorant person who said that Honda copied the Corvette's styling, for the NSX, may I say you are a very low person for putting such a pathetic claim like that out in the open. You should be ashamed for saying something like that especially for making it a racial claim. Also to prove you wrong if you don't remember the NSX was developed in 1984-1989 when corvetts looked like this


    And comparing the two, the only thing that "that" pic has in common with any NSX would be the color and that is it. Also to go further the NSX was developed and has styling related to the supercar/exotics of the 80 for example the Ferrari 328/348TB and Lamborghini Countach which all have a wedge shaped body design and a side air intake opening supplying air for the engine to use. Unlike the corvette which has a front mounted engine and gets the air from an opening in the front of the car.

    Sorry but I hate seeing wrong comparisons and people making bad claims or statements, such as the one that I spent half of this topic on.
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    Where do you get the 3.9 sec for the 911 Turbo? It's the Z06 that does 0-60 mph in 3.9 sec. The 911 Turbo is 0.1 to 0.3 sec slower, but that wouldn't matter on the long stretch since the 911 has a higher top speed. If I was racing through a course with lots of twists and turns, I'd drive the Z06. If it was mostly straighaways, I'd drive the 911 Turbo. I don't know what the deal is with the NSX though. An NSX concept maybe?
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    Hey I have a question an what better place to ask than the Z06 forum. Well I don't know what is the Z06's top speed, I don't recieve car magazines or anything so I rely on people such as yourselves to tell me or show me the info. So please tell me cause I'm not sure but I think I heard once that the Z06 had a top speed of 171mph which if I'm correct is slower than the 2002+ NSX top speed of 174-178 mph. I'm just want to get my facts straight but if so, its strange that the underpowered NSX has a higher topspeed than the Z06. Both seem to have bodies that are very areodynamic so I don't see why the Z06 wouldn't be faster than 180mph with that type of power.
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    for Midnight Raven
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    Thanks man Wow both are great cars man wouldn't mind having any of the two.
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    Quote from Midnight Raven:
    "That is a video of a NSX-R doing 7:56 around NurburgRing and if I remember correctly the Z06 does it in 7:55 not a big difference."

    That's more like an 8:03-8:04 run, not 7:56. The clock starts when he crosses the pit-out lane (at full throttle), yet stops before he comes back to the same point on the track. If you measure it from his flying corner at the very beginning of the video, to that same last corner (also at a flying pace), it's closer to 8:03-8:04. In any case you are correct. Even a difference from 7:55 to 8:04 is not that big a difference.

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