Pics of BRAND new 2011 Mercury Grand Prix!

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    The 2011 Mercury Grand Marquis is a relic from another time, and this past year it's been fading into history at about the same time as the Mercury brand itself.

    With a low-stress, 224-horsepower V-8 engine, a four-speed automatic transmission, and an ancient body-on-frame design, the Grand Marquis is an oddity in today's market. While much of the Grand Marquis is shared with the Ford Crown Victoria, a favorite of taxi and police fleets, as well as with the Lincoln Town Car, which is a limo, the Mercury has traditionally only ended up either in rental-car fleets, or in the decreasing ranks of comfort-oriented private owners.

    The interior, too, will take you back on a nostalgic trip, and you might have trouble believing that the Grand Marquis is indeed a new car. It's been about two decades since a significant redesign, so the instrument panel and displays don't look much like those in other new Ford and Mercury models, but they're no-nonsense but haven't been kept up-to-date with navigation systems or Sync connectivity. Seats are soft and comfy (and not all that supportive), but you can fit three across and the trunk is a huge 20.4 cubic feet. On the down side, performance is sluggish in most respects; fuel economy isn't great, especially around town; and even though the suspension is tuned so softly the ride can still be jittery over some surfaces.

    If you want the last of a dying breed, get one now.
  2. well howdy!
    224 horsepower 4.6Litre Vee-8 engine.
    This thing is a muscle car for the masses!

    Redesigned front grille.

    Pretty sweet, I wish I could afford one of these hot new cars.
  3. Where's the pic of that Mercury Grand Prix???<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  4. lol oops

    didn't mean to tread on the legendary "Grand Prix" marque.
  5. Now you'll mix up all the n00bs with that pic.

    The title of your theard talks about a Mercury Grand Prix, than in the first post, you show a pic of a Mercury Grand Marquis and now this pic of a Pontiac Grand Prix.

    Make up your mind!!!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  6. Only car on the market with an available cassette deck.
  7. with those tires it looks like some pos 1989 car
  8. cant you just be happy with two beautiful pix of americn leggands
  9. This is the last year they're making those. My company is now buying ford taurueses as cabs
  10. In before Hemistage suggests this is the best car money can buy.
  11. Who still buys Mercuries?
  12. Not really, but it was a nice car nonetheless. For me the best american luxury cars you could buy for the money were the 1999-2003 cadillac seville sts and the 1999-2002 cadillac eldorado tc.
  13. how about 94-96 cadillac fleetwood with the LT1 and RWD?
  14. very nice car but I prefer a northstar in a cadillac.
  15. Mercury as a brand has been irrelevant for several years now, so this old dinosaur was on the chopping block either way. Still, the fleet car and police car services are sick about it- they're dependable, easy to fix, and tough as nails. Maybe some company could buy the rights to keep producing the Vicky and Town Car, and keep those cabbies and cops happy.

    I love that fact about the cassette deck, by the way. Makes perfect sense when you think about it...
  16. We have some of them at work, they are a real blast to drive.
  17. hahahahahhahahahaahhahha

  18. do you work at a mattress companuy
  19. I drive one for a living and my heartbeat is always high from all the adrenalines im thinking of suing my employer for making us drive a grand marprix
  20. lol

    you could be driving an impala

    oh.. wait
  21. Modern it is not, but comfortable and durable it is. It's a shame Ford doesn't invest in bringing these cars (Lincoln/Crown Vic) up to date - as there is a market for these vehicles - that swallow luggage, passengers and provide high levels of safety to those people who aren't interested in SUVs. Cadillac learned the hard way when it discontinued its rear wheel drive cars. Mercedes and BMW know the value of RWD - it seems Ford (who did know the value of it - and generated plenty of sales and profits from RWD sedans) has lost its corporate memory. Cadillac and Chevy - it's time to release your vehicles and draw the business away. FWD/AWD sedans and SUVs won't cut it Ford!
  22. what ever happened to station wagons

    i can fit a hecka lotta stuff in a statshun wagin
  23. There is one for sale near by, two years old, less then 50k on the odo and $9k. Pretty decent price considering used car prices are normally outrageous over here.
  24. would lol so much if i saw someone driving a 2011 marquis

    i kinda lol when i see a dodge neon at work and am surprised thats its an 06 model
  25. my '01 focus still looks fr3sh

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