Raikkonen rumors return again...

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    Kimi to be Vettel's teammate in 2012?

    Red Bull is planning to pair Sebastian Vettel with his friend Kimi Raikkonen in 2012.

    That is the sensational claim of the high-circulation German newspaper Bild-Zeitung, less than two days after Mark Webber ignored team orders at the end of the British Grand Prix.

    Finn Raikkonen, 31, left Formula One at the end of 2009, and Red Bull team boss Christian Horner was quoted on Monday as saying, "I believe he has put F1 behind him."

    Bild said the plan to replace Australian Webber with 2007 World Champion Raikkonen is "top secret" but divulged the information of a source "at the highest level."

    German Vettel remains friends with Raikkonen, the pair often meeting in Switzerland to play badminton. Asked recently who his ideal teammate is, the reigning World Champion replied: "Kimi."

    The former Ferrari and McLaren race winner had talks with Red Bull last year and has now "apparently changed his mind" about wanting to stay in rallying and NASCAR.

    And referring to Webber, Red Bull's driver manager Helmut Marko told Bild recently: "We have other options but I don't want to talk about them now."

    The report also said Raikkonen told a Finnish journalist recently: "I have never said that my Formula One career is over."

  2. It'd be so awesome to see Raikkonen back on track, but preferably not instead of Webber
    Let Barrichello retire instead or something
  3. would be epic..
  5. Kimi schooling Vettel would be excellent.
  6. Awesome. Hope its true!
  7. ugh wanna see him in nascar
  8. Another world champion on the track would be awesome.
  9. I don't understand why people are continuing with all the rumours over who will be Vettel's team mate in 2012. Usually, it's "X driver rumoured to drive Red Bull in 2012" with X being the favourite driver of whoever is perpetuating the rumour.

    So far the big ones have been
    "Hamilton to Red Bull in 2012"
    "Kubica to Red Bull in 2012"
    "Kobayashi to Red Bull in 2012"
    and now, apparently, "Kimi to Red Bull in 2012"

    This same rumour cropped up between Turkey 2010 and Webber signing his contract for 2011, so a rational assumption would be that he does the same for 2012.
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    Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz says there are absolutely no doubts that Mark Webber will stay with the outfit next year, even after the team orders controversy.

    The team was involved in a row after asking Webber to 'maintain the gap' when fighting for second place with team-mate Sebastian Vettel in the latter stages of the British Grand Prix.

    Webber admitted after the race that he had ignored the orders and that he was not happy about them.

    Despite the row, Mateschitz says Webber will get a new deal.

    "Mark Webber will re-sign with us," Mateschitz told AUTOSPORT. "This will happen for sure. He is very popular within the team, he feels very comfortable and it is an excellent relationship. He knows this and we know it.

    "To be honest, Mark has no better choice than the fastest car and we have no better choice for a fast driver."

    The Red Bull boss also admitted he was fine with Webber having tried to overtake Vettel despite the order given to him.

    "This is no problem for us," Mateschitz said. "Sebastian realised that Fernando Alonso was gone and could not be caught anymore, so he backed down. This let Mark close in. He would be a very bad racer had he not tried to attack and gain a position."

  13. I was looking forward to more great "Raikkonen momements". I hope he never changes.
  14. raikkonen would be shit if he came back

    like schumacher
  15. why doesnt he stay in the superior motorsport of nascar?
  16. Can't handle it.
  17. I hope he used his Ferrari payout on all these different motorsports hes getting into

    thx for the free money gonna start a wrc team
  18. ...or start an airline.

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