Re: Hyundai cant design cars for shit

Discussion in '2001 Hyundai Clix Concept' started by jkboi27, Aug 9, 2002.

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  2. Hyundai may have sucked before but their doing really well now and im sure they will keep improving.

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  3. I can't believe this thread is still going.<!-- Signature -->
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from redryu</i>
    <b>um....VMIFerrari are you sure hyundai means "shitbox" in Korean because the last time I checked, hyundai means "present time" which has no significance with the name of the car company, Hyundai has no meaning at all its just a brand name.
    Well don¡¯t you feel like an idiot, so stop being an onus to us all and shut the hell up and realize that hyundai cars are not that bad considering that Hyundai only has been making cars for 70 years or so and other car companies started making cars since like hundreds and hundreds of years ago and even though there is a 30 year gap of experience some hyundais out performs other cars.

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    Hey, the Ferrari guy (or gal) is right. Wish I had the money to pick up a Ferrari or how bout a nice porshe?!
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    <b>To VMIFerrari....
    It seems you like Ferrari. Do you know what Ferrari's first automobile looked like? Hmm? Do you think Enzo made beautiful sportscars from the beginning?
    For Automobile manufacturee to mature, which you haven't, they need time to study, time to copy, and time to improve.
    To you, time is about now and bears no linear sequences. This is classic case of schizophrenia. I think you should immediately see your shrink.
    To say Hyundai suck by comparing it to Ferrari is just bad taste. And by comparing it to Cavalier, you demonstrate your ignorance.
    Hey! Fuckhead! Grow up. Write your own danm responces, instead of copying other people's comment and putting some half ass remark underneath, thinking it will make look smarter. Next time you see this, do try and write some reason why you think Hyundais are bad cars. I'll be pleasantly, though i suspect, surprised if you have any intelligence to project on your own.
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    Shut the #$%# up #%$ bomb. The vmiiferrari dude is rigth! I owned 2 new Hyundais myself and it would take a week to tell ya all the things that went wrong w/them. Never again will I buy one of those pos cars again or anything else from korea. Way to go vmiferari! At least someone here has a clue about what a good car is. Why the hell are these cars on "" anyway? Theres nothing "super" about them! Peace out.
  6. Hyundai cant design cars for shit

    Have you ever seen a first model Sonata? YUCK
    Have tou ever seen a Hyundai coupe? YUCK
  7. have u seen the hyundai tiberon?nice!!
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  8. 225kw in a Hyundai?
    The thing would fall to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. bullshit!
    hyundais are good, cheap reliable cars. Even if they are not, they have a 100,000 mile waranty. Thats about the best i have heard of. While this is definitly the most powerfull stock hyundai i have seen, they make a good powertrain, so i'll bet it is fine. remember, this is an entirly new engine and car, so they have a purpose built power train in all likleyhood.
  10. I wonder why Hyundai is coming last in the WRC. They are such a COOL car company.
  11. The Hyundai Tiberon is a Coupe just sold in different places. I really think their styling aspects come down to personal opinion but it's true the cars are cheap and reliable, that's what makes them such popular cars, it has nothing to do with the top speed or 0-60 etc.

  12. all i have to say is that hyundai cars are peices of shit they look like shit and they run like shit.they are cheap cars and i don't really know why they are considered to be supercars.
  13. i dunno what u guys are smokin! this thing is awesone lookin, ok mabey it cant compare to all of those lambos and ferraris on this sight but it wasnt made for that, it changes from a coupe to a el camino all by its self. that has to get ur attention!
  14. You know, I've seen Hyundai's that look better than your Z24.
  15. I wont dis hyndais anymore since one guy got pissed off wit me about my AZN pride
  16. Why the hell are u guys heapin praise to the Tiburon? Fugly ass and the front needs some major help. The Hyundai engines are pieces of shit. The only good Hyundai's are the rally cars.
  17. go #$%#in ride ur damn camaros and firebirds u hyundai hataz!! i kno dat hyundai's performance isnt "GREAT" buh they aint bad!! and Tiburon sure looks a lot betta than ur peice of shitz!! and aznpride #$%#a~ im azn too and ya gotta back off cuz u aint got no #$%#in pride. wut do u roll on? i aint gotta say no shit to a fella azn buh chile! and da reason y first gen sonata is so ugly is cuz they r old carz juss like all those #$%#in old fordz and shitz!
  18. are you korean? its always good to have pride in yo own country lol<!-- Signature -->
  19. why da hell u care fuqin *****!! azn pride fuqa!! and u aint got no azn pride wut so eva so change ur username biotch!!! lol wut da hell r u a banana?? it's a shame dat ppl like u think they got azn pride!
    see ya biotch!!^_^
  20. u wanna take this shit outside #$%#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  21. AZN PRIDER, YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE! first off, hyundai's market is for people who want affordable cars that look good.Secondly, dtop complaining about the first generation Sonata and look at the new ones fr a change! It packs a V-6 and boasts 180bhp, bot bad for a cheap car! Lastly, the Clix Concept Car is a beauty because it shows that even those low-end car makers can make amazing road racers! From your comments, i bet you're just a 16 year old zit face who's knowledge about cars is about the size of your needle point sized penis! Grow up Man!
  22. yo *****~
    u betta stop talkin shit about korean cars~
    there r alot more korean ppl than u think~~~~
    so dont be surprised if u get a bullet in da back of ur head (n i aint kiddin)
    or if u want to "take this outside" u come ova to west philly<!-- Signature -->
  23. ya'll need to stop talkin shit...and just beat the shit out of each other.....i know it will make me feel better
  24. Ha ha "got sushi?" Shouldn't that be "Got Rice?"...

    Seriously. Hyundai should have stuck with (shitty) computer ram and (reasonable) power tools. No Hyundai is good looking at all.<!-- Signature -->
  25. I dont know y everyone is getting so just saying that hyundais look crap. And to those AZN koreans, i would like to say that my opinion has nothing to do with being AZN or asian pryde so fukin shut up and we can go on with our lives.<!-- Signature -->

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