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  1. Stock GN faster

    A stock Buick Grand National is just as fast a this if not faster. The GN has a single turbo V-6. I'll try to find some more info on the GN.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yes and No. I own both, a Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette (91# 26) as well as an 87 GNX (#254). While off the line yes the Buick is faster since its an automatic, etc, but it has no top end compared to the Callaway. The Callaway is not as fas off the line but by the time you reach 60 you caught up and there is no comparison past 100 MPH.

    See my GNX @
    and my Callaway @
  3. That's pretty cool that you own both of them, I wish I could have a GNX let alone a GN

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  4. dude u must not be able to drive a stick if u think the auto makes your gn better off the line.. thats all i have to say, this is is a stupid thread cause the corvette will KILL GN's
  5. (getting 50 replys so i can post) ROCK ON!!!
  6. this car has been proven to run 12.9 ,top 181 mph and the gnx runs a 14.1 and i have no idea about top end maybe 135mph.
  7. i also have the corvette fever magazine with this exact pic on it from 1994 which they tested it.
  8. A GNX is an amazing car for what it is, but it's not got the gears or the power so there's no way it could be faster

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