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  1. lets think here if you had the money would you go for a stock version like this?? hell no.. im sure if you all thought about it youd rather tune a car than buy a stock like this cause for that money you could tune damn near anything(yes most likely even a civic) that would beat this car.. not saying that its a bad car but i feel that is a rediculous ammount of money to pay for a car that really isnt that good.. the freaking GT50 costs less... and many of them would have alot more class.. i personaly would get my paws er fangs into a saleen s7 and a porche carerra GT2 or GT3.. and if i had to dump it all into one car which is a tough decision id prolly go for a shelby series 1.. mod it with the rest of the money and put all yall to shame JUST LOOK AT THAT CAR \/ down there.. that cars one of the hottest things i have seen to date....
  2. i would if the interior was not full all out race shit, if the interior looks anything like the csl id definately cop it, but hell what am i saying id buy it regardless.
  3. i love bmw's but i would probably not buy one. for the price of around 470,000$i could just buy a stock M3 and tune it and have the money left over to buy a lamborghini or ferrari. the price isnt worth the car, but dont get me wrong bimmers rule and i would take one if it was givin to me.
  4. Of course, but I would want a few cars other than this for this money, even less.
  5. i would go keoniggsegg easy however if i was short on cash i would buy this it is really a good car and im a big fan of BMW's
  6. i'll buy it then lose my license the next day
  7. Im a GM Freak but this thing is THIGHT AS HELL id buy it in a heart beat
  8. In a second!
  9. f*ck yeah! what else am i gonna do with my money, mate.
  10. absolutely yes
  11. Dont ever call this car a babe be a man for a change
  12. yes i would buy it, its quite the remarkable car, yes its pricy, but hell if your a BMW fan this car would be worht your money. track or street, id buy it<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  13. no...
    i'd buy a caterham or a noble, they're more exclusive and supposedly perform better, not to mention cheaper
  14. I would buy it, of course. But in the first time I would buy the BMW G-Power.

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