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  1. More and more I am leaving the skin on fruits and vegetables where typically they are peeled. It started with me just being lazy and not wanting to peel carrots, potatoes, beets, and turnips. But it turns out, as most of you know I'm sure, that the peel is often the healthiest part of a fruit or vegetable. Obviously with inedible skins like bananas, avocados, and pineapples there is no choice, but I just ate a mango with the skin on and it was fantastic. To think of all the mess and wasted time i've spent peeling these things in the past. Also kiwi fruit, I enjoy the skins.

    Not grapes though. I always peel grapes.

    Peeled grapes.
  2. Peeling grapes, what?

    It upsets me that my favorite fruit is a pain in the ass to eat, pomegranates
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    You gotta cut them in half and do this...

  4. I never peel carrots, just give them a bit of a wash.
    I could go for some peeled dragon fruit right about now though.
  5. Photos, carrots, and some fruits I normally peel the skin off.
  6. How can you peel grapes?
  7. I dont peel carrots, and depending on how I will prepare it I dont peel potatoes either.

    But I love mangos and eating the skin itself sounds crazy to me..

    Peeling grapes? I love the texture of grape and grape skin...
  8. I'm with you. Most fruits and veggies don't need peeling. And peeling carrots is especially silly.
  9. Branko will tell you.
  10. I only peel potatoes if the preparation calls for it. Carrots, almost never.
  11. The only vegetable that I use on a regular basis that I bother peeling is the sweet potato. Everything else I tend to use baby/mini versions and leave them whole.

    Edit: except onions and garlic. You can't not peel those.
  12. citrus i would still recommend peeling
  13. peeled grapes always makes me smirk
  14. Heirloom vegetables I always wash and leave skin on , otherwise it gets the peel.

    Don't have the time to peel grapes
  15. in new zealand do you call kiwi fruit just fruit
  16. do you guys peel your watermelons?
  17. With a knife, moran.
  18. I have a question.... what are heirloom vegetables?
  19. vegetables passed down from generation to generation. think antique furniture.
  20. Peel everything tbh and only eat the good bits, throwing ou the rest. Peel is for feed pig and poors
  21. ok... so if heirloom vegetables come from plants that are passed down from past generations?

    Where do non-heirloom vegetables come from?
  22. grafts, cuttings etc
  23. You sure they don't just use seeds from last years plants?
  24. Heaven
  25. GermanSpecM3?

    Awesome screen name, bro!

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