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  1. Feel free to tell me your thoughts! This is all from my first year at the college. They are a whole bunch of mixed mediums, and some are obviously photography (basic digi cam)

    Photo stuff (most of that is paint)
  2. Drawing class (save for the shells)
  3. Design 110 (colorless class)

    #1 'Friend or Foe'

    #2 ACAD Visual Communications Design: Happy Birthday (representational of song)

    lol, i modeled it after a birthday song at a restraunt, when he staff try to get everyone in on it

    1 - 1-2-3! haaaPPY BIRTHDAY (people joining in) to you!
    2 - Happy birthday to you!
    3 - Happy birthday dear ______ (no one knows the name)
    4 - Happy bday to you!!! (break into claps, represented by broken dots)

    #3 First panel is a photocopy which was supplied. The next 3 I did wrong, they were not supposed to be photocopied...

    My teacher argued that in the 4th panel, the dots to the right of the chairs should not have disapeared. 'The viewer will get lost in the void'. I think that's what makes it interesting, that void. Commercial art is kinda weird.

    #4 Symetrical energy

    #5 Famous quotes
  4. which school and what major?
  5. Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD), Drawing major
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    Drawing major? Wut? Never heard of that. Drawing major is like English major in an english speaking school... you already need the skill for pretty much every thing, but having that skill alone doesn't really mean much.

    Frankly speaking, if you have completed one year of university level art education, that's not good enough. Not trying to be harsh, but you are not just competing with your peers, but globally. This field is so small that only the best gets a chance.

    This is where I was after first year of college:

    BTW I went back to my college to check out their student show this year. Man, those freshman are really kicking ass. The standard now is something unimaginable back in my days, but it's like the norm now. I really look forward to see how this bunch of kids do in the future.
  7. No offense taken man. I'm actually not looking into getting into the design field or anything, I want to be a High School Art teacher. I've never been one to do precise drawings of anything of the sort, otherwise I'd head down the design route. The school I attend is very split between Design, Fine Art and Photography. I'm there for the fine Art. Personally I don't think I would even have a chance in the design world, because you're right, only the best of the best make it. Even if I was good at it, I don't really know if I'd want it.

    And in regards to the Drawing major, the school divides its programs as follows:

    Bachelor of Fine Art - ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, glass, fibre, print, jewelery + metals (probably missing one or two)

    Bachelor of Design - Photography, Illustration, Character Design, Graphic Design, Advertising

    Drawing as you stated, is basically a skill needed in everything. I figure this is the best way I learn and most for filling to me. In addition, this is probably going to help me the most for a teaching career. Through the Drawing progam you are basically aloud to use any medium you wish, you could even do paintings if you wanted (despite there being a painting program). I guess you could say the school is more so a Fine Art school than anything, rather than industrial design.

    Edit: On that spaceman drawing you did, what kind of paper is that?
    Also, you`re in the design field I take it? Judging by all the highly accurate hand drawings and stuff, I would assume you are. That`s the same kind of stuff I see most of the Design students at the College doing.
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    That's cool. I still think you should consider specializing in something. It gives you a more in-depth perspective on something. For an example, if you specialize in sculpture, you will learn and use the logic developed by sculptors. This will make it easier for you to understand other specializations simply because you will have something to compare them with. If you stay with something that is generalized, then you will never be able to really understand anything in-depth.

    That space man is using "mid-tone" technique. Paper is Canson paper. It's the heavier kind, not the cheap thin one. Canson has different textures on both sides. I pick the less patterned side. The pencils used are prismacolor pencils. These are oil based pencils and work very well with cansons.

    Here are more elaborated examples:

    These examples also used prismacolor nupastels, basically oil based pastel sticks ground to powder form, and smeared.
  9. Cool stuff, I'm going to assume you used Prisma markers as well for the shadow on the dog thing? And I'm going to have to look into this Canson paper, that's awesome. How differently textured is each side? Basically I want to find something that really grabs chalk based pastels.

    I'm also trying to take as many of the classes I can, so expand that 'visual vocabulary' if you will. Any and every class I feel I take something huge with me, and hope to keep this up through the years. As stated before though, I find I learn the best through 2D image construction, but not to say I don't like 3D work either.

    Oh yea, what school did you go to/what was your major/what do you do now?
  10. When you get canson paper, you will see the difference in texture.

    The shadow is with marker, I think it was with Ad marker because canson paper absorbs ink like woah, so Ad Marker is much more suitable for its juiciness and cost. It stinks like woah too, so don't get high on it.

    No medium will grab pastel well enough. Some will eventually fell off.

    I went to CCS ( College for Creative Studies) for undergrad and Cranbrook Academy of Art for MFA. Majored in industrial design. Just graduated, starting a contract job but looking for full-time else where.
  11. Congrats on the MFA, must have been alot of hard work I'm sure.

    I've heard there was some kind of pastel ground that you can smear on top of any paper and it is sticky/adhesive so it sticks to the paper and it also generates alot of tooth apparently. I'll have to investigate more.

    And thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
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    Thanks man

    Some sketches for fun - This was an experiment with a 'blender pen'. I took a black and white Countach printout and stuck it on another sheet of paper face down, and markered up the back. The ink (only black ink anyways) will bleed off of the page onto the desired page, thus creating a transfer. I was experimenting with letters too as you can see in the background if you squint. Ideally I'd love to make something like that poster size, with bits and pieces of quotes on the Countach faded in the background like that.
  13. I'm digging pretty much everything in here (including unrelated's stuff).

    Good work PBN <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  14. thanks man

    Edit: +1 for Johny Bravo avatar

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