The Orriginal Exotic Supercar

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  1. When Lamborghini decided to show the chassis and engine without a body of thier project P400 at the 67 Tourin Auto show they had people begging to buy one (just from seeing the frame and engine!). When the Miura was finished, lamborghini created the first true exotic sportscar. It was the first car to ever have a Mid mounted-Transverse V12. THe miura set the standards for performance, beuty and exelense for decades of supercars to come. And now with all the gorgeouse and increadible fast supercars out there, I would want none more than the Miura!<!-- Signature -->
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    This is the car that out FERRARIed Ferrari<!-- Signature -->
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    Actually the Miura was the first EVER mid-engined ROAD (as in designed for road, not race use) car (regardless on engine), and is accepted as the first, true SUPERCAR.

    All hail the king, LONG LIVE THE KING!!<!-- Signature -->
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  5. Hahaha WAY TO GO

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