the Sean Taylor mourning thread

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  1. come in here and mourn the loss of my main man Sean Taylor

    and #$%# the #%!@ who killed him, burn in hell you piece of shit
  2. 4 suspects arrested. The ones I know of are aged 17, 19, 21. One of them was, I think, the brother of Sean's sisters boyfriend.
  3. Mourning this guys death is not getting any easier
  4. my man Sean, we miss you bro
  5. damn, so according to the view count, it looks like other people come in here sometimes

    so hello and drop a post if you're not me
  6. it'd be cool to know if anyone else cares
  7. it was sad watching them play today and he wasn't there. watching the skins play won't be the same for a long time i reckon.
  8. Sean has been named as a starter in the Pro Bowl. Awesome, I know I voted for him, I'm glad other people recognized his talent and did too. He was, after all, leading the league in interceptions at the time of his death. RIP
  9. I think Chris Cooley was also voted into the pro bowl
  10. football sucks

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