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Discussion in '2000 Ferrari 360 Modena' started by supercarfreak812, Dec 14, 2002.

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    stupid comparo,what moron would pic the ugly as vanquish over this Beauty.
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    Vanquish will screw this...
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    Modena will screw you!
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    The Vanquish would better be compared to the Maranello or even the 456 GT.
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    Modena all the way..Vanquish,Ha!
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    This or the vanguish? Looks-wise or performance-wise? For the looks, the modena alll the waaay! Performance-wise..sorrie,though imma ferrari fanatic, the v12 450hp vanquish will take the v8 395 hp modena...
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    Both cars look great but 360 probably has a slight advantage in looks. The 360 is about 1000 pounds lighter, so it has a quicker 0-60. Top speeds of both cars are almost identical. I'd choose the V12 Vanquish though because it combines performance with luxury and also has backseats.
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    Im a ferrari fanatic but i would have to say the Vanquish would win. But the 360 kills it in looks!!
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    I like the vanquish but the modena beets it. It is less money and it is one hot car.
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    Actually, I changed my mind.
    Go Ferrari!
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    Modena would get screwed by a Mustang Cobra - how sad is that!

    Dont belive me - then dont cuss me out go check out some stats.

    03 Modena - 0-60 4.5
    03 Cobra - 0-60 4.3
    With a better 1/4 mile too
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    although the 360 is faster, drag and track, but as for luxury, the vanquish is miles ahead. the interiors on 360 is one thing i think they lack, but the vanquish is almost flawless there. also, ferraris like to break.... looks are opinionated, but although this is a beautiful car, the vanquish is on the top of my list when it comes to looks. ive seen both in person, and i can honestly say the vanquish to me looks better. someone may protest and say "but its a ferrari", while that is true, but can you say james bond drives one?
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    I think I'd take the Vanquish because it's a lot more luxurious. Me and my dad test drove this and the interesting thing was that the engine was quiet when you were driving slowly or when you were stopped in traffic or a stop light, but when you hit the gas, the engine got much louder. That would be a lot more practical than hearing a noisy engine even when you're stuck in traffic in the Ferarri. Also, Astons are known to last longer. I remember at an auto show the person representing the Aston Martin said that 85% of all of the Aston Martins built (all the way back to the DB1) are still in running condition. One main flaw that Jeremy Clarkson caught in the 360 was the paddle transmission was terrible. There's a video that you can download off of Kazaa that has him comparing the 360 to the DB7. Even though he's a big Ferarri fan, he even took the DB7 because of the awful transmission in the 360. So I think I'll take the Vanquish.
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    there should be no discotion on this THE FERRARI 360 MODENA is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How is it so much better?
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    Never driven any of these, no idea to pick.
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    The aston martin is a BRITISH Car u muppet and this is faster but but nowhere nere as nice the aston martin.
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    yeah i agree, the Vanquish has A LOT of luxury.
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    k...heres the scoop...if some one makes a poll....the car thats on the forum will win cause everyone who goes here is a freak...and loves this car...its not like u go around on forums of cars u hate..right
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    GO THIS <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Yea i like the 360 a lot better than a Vanquish.
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    well of course this would win.But it still isent fast enough for the price.
    A TVR griffin 500 is only £13,000 with a previous owner and can get 0-60 in 4.1 seconds.
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    It wouldnt but i like the astin vanquish's looks and just the make "astin martin". If ferrari was any good James bond would of had 1 by now.

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