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  1. To all of you Mustang fans out there, that think their car is invincible, that are blinded py proudness of their ULTRA V8 SN95 Mustang, here is a rather rude wakeup call.

    1. No matter what you say to a Mustang owner, their car always seems to be faster. And, they are right! The mustang can beat the 360 modena, F40, Diablo GT, Carrera GT, 911 Gt1 and Mig-21 Fishbed C[that's a fighter jet] simply because it's a Mustang. Then we have the utterly ridiculous claims that this "Boss Mustang"[which was constructed in 1995] can do 0-60 in 1.9. That is complete Bullshit. When somebody tested it, it was getting it's as spanked by a ZL1 on a road course before it broke because of it's amazingly poor build quality. And they use it ever time other members bring in a hype Japanese, European, Aussie and even other American cars into a conversation "well the boss Mustang...."

    2. The 2003 SVT Cobra is an utter faliure in every sense of the word.
    The car, which was supposed to be Burning Z06's and MINE'S R34 GTR'S Left and right, has not lived up to expectations. The car is a terrible handler[0.85g on car and driver's skidpad.] and can't even beat a Firehawk in handling competition or a slalom[only on the straights will it have an advantage] and the supercharger will lose power on a racetrack due to the heat[that is why supercharged racecars are rare]. So quit acting like it's the next 300SL or something.

    3. Most of you Mustang guys cannot even buy the new SVT. And Losers like american HP and thier ultra crap automatic SN95 GT's should shutup. The GT can't beat a Z28[handling and speed] much less an M3, or even a WRX. It isn't good at anything in perticular, and they are mind numblingly bland, perfect for little schoolgirls. I personally think the are ugly as hell. Have fun getting blown away by a civic type R on a backroad, Losers.

    In conclusion, the mustang is a bland-looking,slow,ill-handling, overated piece of garbage, with tons of illterate,dumb, fans. This why fors keeps making them. "Ford is relying on heritage alone to sell it's product, and it's wearing very thin"-Evo on the Mustang.

    How true.

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    You obviously know nothing about cars and mustangs for that matter. Don't blame the mustang for the actions of dumb owners. Same with Honda/Import guys, they think they can just put on a muffler, rims and an air intake and pull up to VR4's or a C5 and beat them, yeah, keep dreaming 350+ hp against 140, nope!. Anyway the 2003 Corbra runs mid 12 sec 1/4 miles right from the factory with a new exhaust and a chip. Not many cars can do that. Saleen mustangs have better suspension than Porsches, that's a fact. They also are faster than most Porsches and Ferraris. Back to the 2003 Cobra, just because it can't 'beat' a Z06 doesn't mean it's a failure as a car. It's an inexpensive car that can smoke most cars on the road. I'm not going to spend $60,000 on a BMW just so I can say that I barley beat a $32,000 cobra.
    The 502 Boss Mustang CAN do 0-60 in 1.9 sec. that car wasn't meant to be mass produced it was built as a friendly competion between Ford and Chevy. The Mustang lost on the track to the Camaro but the mustang beat it on the strip. It didn't break because of it's poor build quality it broke because it was a rare engine which didn't have many spare parts and it was producing 900 HP!!!! Any engine would brake if it was being beaten on with 900HP!
    I don't know was dumbasses you're talking too, but a person that knows cars would never say that an auto GT could beat a WRX. I for one know it can't. But a 2003 Cobra on the otherhand will smoke a WRX, also will beat a 2004 Evo Lancer. Hell my car will be matched with a WRX and I have a Stealth R/T (i know we aren't on WRX's, just compairing different cars) I happen to think WRX's are sweet.
    I used to not like imports but over the past year i've been doing research on them and I've turned over a new leaf. I respect Supras, VR4's, Stealth TT's, 300ZX's, 350Z's, and WRX's. Not much more though. Most Hondas are total shit, they are economy cars, not sports cars. yes, you can make them into sports cars, but you're an idiot if you want to spend $20,000+ in parts on a car that won't go up in value, ever no matter how powerful you make it. People need to respect all cars that are actually fast, not just the ones that you THINK are fast without doing any research.
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    Honda's provide a great PLATFORM for a race car.

    They don't need a lot of power because they have low weight, Honda's have excellent weight distribution as well. In fact the only thing about them that isn't good potential for a race car is that the drivetrain isn't exactly the most durable of drivetrains, so for anything other than road racing, modifications need to be made to strengthen the drivetrain. Otherwise, they are an excellent foundation for a race car, I think you need to do a little more research.

    "Saleen mustangs have better suspension than Porsches, that's a fact." Which Porsche are you referring to, cause for most of the higher end models, that's a load of BS.

    That Mustang is a CONCEPT so 1.9 is irrelevant.

    "I for one know it can't. But a 2003 Cobra on the otherhand will smoke a WRX, also will beat a 2004 Evo Lancer" The STi is as fast as the 2003 Cobra, and both the STi and EVO handle better, so on a track they will both generally perform better.

    "It didn't break because of it's poor build quality it broke because it was a rare engine which didn't have many spare parts and it was producing 900 HP!!!! Any engine would brake if it was being beaten on with 900HP!" Oh really? check out a a certain VW Golf that was specially modified by Dahlback, it has 900hp, and it's AWD, it's raced in Europe, is constantly pushed to its limits, and rarely has any technical difficulties.

    "Hell my car will be matched with a WRX and I have a Stealth R/T (i know we aren't on WRX's, just compairing different cars) I happen to think WRX's are sweet." The Stealth RT doesn't come close in performance. Just in acceleration alone, there's a significant gap between 5.4 seconds and 6.5 seconds. So unless you're a decent driver, and the guy in the WRX isn't all that good, your Stealth couldn't keep up.

    BTW - do you honestly NOT consider the NSX, or even the S2000 to be fast?

    And the Civic, stock, is a passenger car that offers sportscar handling and acceleration without the sportscar pricetag or insurance.

    For its class, it's pretty much at the top of its game for performance.

    "Anyway the 2003 Corbra runs mid 12 sec 1/4 miles right from the factory with a new exhaust and a chip. Not many cars can do that." For less than that price, with a bit of weight reduction, a few drivetrain mods (maximum power delivery), a JDM B16A6 (with 150hp, and 130lbft torque), and cheater slicks, a 1990 Civic (EF chassis) is capable of a 12.5 second 1/4....what do you think about Civics now? That's about $8,000 USD altogether.
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    Really? You honestly think the saleen has a better suspension than a Porsche GT2 Clubsport[remember, you did not specify which porsche]. There is no way in hell the Saleen S281C is faster than a 360 Modena, or a 456M GT. No, the Cobra CANNOT beat a Lancer Evolution around a racetrack, on twisty bit of tarmac, or any road that involves a curve. The Lancer is in it's element here, it cannot be beat by a Mustang. I find it suprising the Live axle cars from the now defunct F-Body program can be a car with IRS. Makes you think. There are shitty opels from 1983 with 900+ Hp, and they last. How do you explain the Boss's case?
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    better the the legendary f40, a lambo, oh please... this is a piece of shit... the only good mustang is the cobra r... all the others suck...
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    Ok kids, it's time to get off the internet and get your homework done so mommy and daddy don't get mad. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Oh btw, nice sig. "vtec the replacement for displacment" LMFAO. What a joke. All a f*cking vtech does is RESTRICT your engine until you rev the living sh*t out of it before it finally opens up to full potential. Yeah, sounds like a great replacement to me! *rolleyes*
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    LOL, I think you need to read up a little more on V-Tec.

    The cams engage at higher rpms so that power in the low end is optimized, basically, V-Tec allows the car to drive like a normal car at lower rpms (read: easier to drive when a car has a high redline), and maximizes torque use, so no, it does not "RESTRICT" the engine, it makes the low-end decent on a car that revs high (thus making it a better car for fast driving on twisty roads).

    But you're right, V-TEC is NOT the replacement for displacement. It is, however, an example of engineering that provides an adequate alternative to displacement.
  8. Mustang's Should Die!

    2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
    Vehicle layout Front engine, rwd,
    2-door, 4-pass
    Engine 90° V-8,
    DOHC, 4 valves/cyl
    Displacement, ci/cc 280.8 / 4601
    Max horsepower @ rpm 390 @ 6000
    Max torque @ rpm 390 @ 3500
    Transmission 6-speed manual
    Curb weight, lb 3780
    0-60 mph, sec 4.86
    1/4 mile, sec @ mph 13.12 @ 109.58
    Braking, 60-0 mph, ft 121
    200-ft skidpad, lateral g 0.85
    600-ft slalom, mph 64.1
    EPA mpg, city/hwy 16/22
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    Hmm, you guys get a little hot don't ya? I've got a 2003 Cobra and it's a great car, a bit heavy at 3665 but still a contender. It usually boils down to the driver with closely matched cars and I've been doing this crap for over thirty years. I've owned some premium iron like:

    1969 Firebird Ram Air IV 400
    1969 GTX 440 6Bbl Conv.
    1970 LS-7 Chevelle SS
    1971 Triumph Stag
    1992 Talon TSi (turned up to around 350 HP)
    2003 VW GLi

    Those are just the sporty ones and the Cobra is one of the quickest if not the nicest of the bunch. I'm really looking forward to spending about $ 2,000.00 on it to tune it up to around 575 HP. It's also amazing the aftermarket toys that are available to take the flex out of the suspension. The only thing I can't fix is the weight issue but I can live with it. Oh, I drive this thing 75 miles one way to work three times a week and get 20 MPG, which ain't bad considering how I drive.
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    YOU MY BOY MAN, YOU MY BOY!!!!!!!!
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    1. Dood, dood dood dood, i know Mustang owners and they're not as cocky as u think they are. As a matter of fact, YOUR more cocky for stereotyping. And the BOSS was an example of dragstrip dominance, not street. And why in HELL would "someone else" test it at all if only ONE was made? I actually know a link where you can find a picture of the BOSS and the Super Stallion Mustang in the same picture, so the BOSS must still be functional if they managed to take a picture of the two.

    2. Who said it was supposed to "burn" the Z06? Did Ford ever say that? No. So who did? Just cuz ONE mustang fan said that doesnt mean Ford Motor Company said that, so your statement is INCREDIBLY innacurate. Oh, and did you know the Cobra is one of the EASIEST and CHEAPEST cars to mod? Probably cheaper than a Civic to mod. Replacing the blower pulley alone will give it an extra 60 horses, plus switching the exhaust will give it 10 more, giving it 460 horses. So with that money saved over the 300SL or the Z06, it WILL "burn" them.

    3. I wouldnt go flaming certain people like American HP if i were you. I dont flame people and i have nearly twice as many posts as you. I get the feeling you're asking to get banned or atleast warned by for flaming another person. Hell, American HP makes better arguments than you. You dont prove OR support your statements with sources or facts. You just stereotype. Rethink your approach. And you're comparing a GT to a frikken Z28? Dood...omg. The Z28 has frikken 40 more horses. Compare em if you want, but I as a mustang fan am sensible enough to NOT compare them. And Civic R burning a GT, HAHAHAHAHAHA! You're FUNNY!

    In conclusion, EVO (as with all other magazines) is biased. And are you calling me illerate? Are you calling me dumb? You sure as hell act like you're the GOD of all cars, but like I said before, you dont prove your points or back your arguments with proof.

    How True
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    Sean Hyland has a 250 lbs weight reduction package available for the cobra.
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    don't let him ge to you this car is a great performer, and this is coming for a Z28 owner.
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    I like Mustangs too, but you're a #$%#ing moron.
    1.) Saleens do not have good suspentions. They are total peices of crap.
    2.) The '03 will not do 12 seconds from the factory. (though, 12s with free mods is posible)
    3.) Most people wont just buy a BMW for the performance.
    4.) Supras are fine with more than a-thousand
    5.) You can make any honda that didnt start out a sports car, into a sports car for a whole lot less than 20 Gs.
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    I know, its just that he talks alot of BS about Mustangs. His opinion is his opinion, but this aint a matter of opinion, hes just telling flat out lies.
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    Thanks Matronix, I'll check it out.
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    i like mustangs, and dont think that. Suicide is your uniqe option.
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    i dont get it?
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    He means that he likes mustangs, but doesn't think they're invincible. Read the first post in this topic.
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    Well what car IS invincible? His post still sorta confuses me, but whatever.
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    How much crack you smoke before you wrote this? If i would ever see a person with a mustang claim they can beat a zo6 or better i'd smack the stupid out of them (and that's to anyone with a stock 03 cobra) the lower models kind of speak for themselves too respectivly (ie.. a stock gt smokeing an evo 8 etc) However i've yet to do that, I don't think that mustang owners are that way, & i'll admit i am a fan of the cobra (99-03) but neither i nor anyone who i know who owns or owned a mustang made them out to be invincible or highly over rated...

    With that out of the way I don't ever remember Ford to of said that the 03 cobra is going to kill the zo6 I don't ever remember ford ever mentioning the words r34, r33, r32, skyline and svt cobra in the same sentence. So cause some 15 year old sophmore in highschool said so doesn't mean he speaks for everybody or anybody else for that matter.

    The GT while being the worst stock v8 i've ever seen is also very cheap with a wide variety of parts made for them.... (also when i say cheap i mean cheap in v8 territory so don't compare this to a wrx in price or anything else) because some people who want a v8 and not a 4 or a 6 can only afford a gt... so that car was made for those types of people.

    the .85gs on the skid pad what was that from a mach 1 an 03 svt? I've seen .90 respectivly so it all depends on who's # you wanna belive. The m3 while a great handleing car (and again i'll admit the guy owned it for a few months) didn't keep up with my friends cobra on an off ramp. So it's not like the cobra sucks balls when it comes to handleing.. Next you have to look at what you get for the $$, and i think the cobra does a good job especially when it's very easy to tune & get a lot of power for a real cheap price.....

    (side note screw the pulley swap on the cobra, tune the comp you will get a lot better results & get drag radials, best 2 cheap mods right there)

    Ford is selling a mustang due to heritage, but it has more to do with umm let me oh wait $$$$. Yes it's always been a cheaper car compared to it's rivals, people would rather spend less money for a car .1, .2 or .3 slower and if they really want mod it later. Also not to dis on the civic but i would love to see one that can smoke a gt (both stock) I honestly don't by that idea although i guess i can't 100% rule it out, it's just very unlikely.

    Oh yea last thing when the zl1 & the boss were put up against each other both cars broke....... just thought you would like to know that, and who ever was judgeing claimed the boss the winner...... although the following year (maybe the following 2nd year not 100% sure, the zl1 was redone and posted great numbers which beat out it's previous standing and beat the bosses standings too. However the boss didn't come back around the second time to compete.
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    I am not knowledgeable on the first 3 bullets, but as much as many Supras do have 1,000+ horsepower under the hood, and they live to see another day, you must realize how much pressure is being applied to these engines. It is no easy task acquiring this power, and a more difficult one keeping it from blowing up and sending a camshaft straight through your gut. I have never worked on one, but I have got to assume that due to the high stress these engines are under when putting out 1,000 horsepower that they have very advanced, very strict cooling systems, so just to sum it up, 900 horsepower is achievable but not necesarily easy to control.

    And come on, Saleens are not total pieces of crap, a little rough around the edges but atleast you don't have to crawl into your car, and you still get the benefit of backseats, and a convertible roof <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Something you have got to know is that when you post crap like this you are simply picking a fight with Mustang enthusiasts. Why would you come into a Mustang page, and post anti-mustang things like this? Because you are a jackass who is just trying to rock the boat and piss people off.
    If you do not like a Mustang, that is fine, but you do not have to trash it.
    If you do not think it is the best performer in the world, great! Obviously Ford agrees with you or they would not have produced the GT40.
    If you have problems keep it to yourself, if you have questions, that is completeley different. But don't walk into someones house and get mud on their carpets, because that's all you've accomplished.

    Also, why is it that certain members on this site (and I won't list names) feel like it is their responcibility to find muscle car fans and annoy the living crap out of them? Also, this has to be said.....did it ever occur to half of the people out there that Mustangs were not necesarily meant for racing on the windiest of roads? The American racing past time is not driving on twisty roads, or rally racing, it is *drum roll* DRAG RACING! Yank Tanks like this here Mustang were made for the straight-away. Now I know this is going to make half of you import enthusiasts get your panties in a bunch, but in ALL HONESTY, how often are you going to drive (further more RACE) your Suburu WRX Sti around a curvey mountain trail, on a dirt path, going 40 miles per hour! EXACTLY, CLOSE TO NONE OF YOU! It is just not ptactical and in all honesty, if you are not a professional driver in a closed course, with emergency services readily is just not safe. Not to mention, people who purchase these vehicles are probably do not have the finances for buying a new one in the good chance that they would wrap it around a tree or slide straight off a cliff, and I know this because if they did have the money, they would not have purchased a Subaru, they would have purchased a Porsche. So before you make a stupid comment like "Well EVO magazine said that the Sti can out handle an SVT on the track" remember, no Cobra owner who purchased the car for practical use is ever going to race his car on a windy road, so stop comparing useless in not stupid semantics about surreal situations that will never occur, especially on American highways.
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    Ive found exadgeration to be the best way to get the point across. Obviously Saleens are not peices of shit, but they arent what people think they are.

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