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  1. Re: New SS and SV8

    Me too. I saw one on the road tonight and the front looks pretty good, but even the Holden fans that were in the car with me couldn't stand the rear
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    rear lights of the ss x are ok blacked out, but that shape still isn't right.
  3. on the road.

    today i saw a kmart racing v8 supercar on the road, greg murphy and todd kelly, i'm pretty sure was written on it. it might have just been a vx ss with the paint though.

    And i saw a black VY SS the rear lights arent as bad, but still they're nothing special. that cicrle on the headlights is stupidly noticable
  4. Re: on the road.

    V8 Supercar on the

    Someone around my area won the SS with HSV livery from Channel 10 a couple of years ago, I see it now and again.
  5. Re: How much are these? My dad wants one

    Not to mention the el cheapo interior and lack of security.......
  6. Re: on the road.

    yeha i looked at it and my facial expression was some what <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> thinking wtf?? yeah i didn't see the interior, but the fact that they wrote the drivers name's on it i wasn't sure <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  7. Re: How much are these? My dad wants one

    less atrractive and practical too
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    I don't like the look of the lancer anymore, i like the 92 GSR though, I almost bought one. EVO V is the most attractive of the EVOs.
    I'm not into the look of them anymore though. And I'm starting to like the look of the VY SS. Don't mind th eback as much, but still, i think it's too much like a Mitsubishi.
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    About the Clubbie being a Commie with a body kit, the same can be said about the Evo, its just a Lancer with a bodykit (lookswise).

    I'm talking about the Dash and stuff on the Evo too. It isn't much for an 80G car.

    btw, I like the Evo but I just can't see how you think it is the perfect car. It isn't.
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    I'll suppose we will have to wait till the VIII gets here with a reasonable price tag. Should be a lot better.
  11. Re: on the road.

    u from nz there nizan boy??? coes i am and sometimes i see it as well
  12. Re: on the road.

  13. Re: on the road.

    I reckon new Common-whore is ugly, just plain old ugly!
  14. Re: ahh wat??

    Whats wrong with it?
  15. Re: on the road.

    I occasionally Big Kev's personal car which is a VT painted like his racecar but its got his name on the passenger rear window.
  16. Re: ahh wat??

    u gotta be kidding me it says HXV
  17. Re: on the road.

    nope, melbourne area, and the thing is it was the time when school finishes and it went down the road of a primary school.
  18. Re: on the road.

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  19. Re: My friends dad has one of these cars and he brags so much!!!

    Motor mag wasnt wrong they use that timing device with all cars. They were surprised with the result though
  20. Re: ahh wat??

    HSV is v good?
  21. Re: How much are these? My dad wants one

    really?? you have got to be joking, that'll be the best bfyb for sure, but you sure even with a price drop it would be higher 60grand area??
  22. Re: ahh wat??

    please tell me why
  23. Re: on the road.

    what do you own?? or haven't you reached into double figures yet?
  24. Re: How much are these? My dad wants one

    In all around performance, and absolutely every area if they're the same price.
  25. Here we go, an R8

    The best of the best!

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