What are you listening to?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, May 3, 2016.

  1. Found some time back the witch house genre.. damn there are some decent tracks. Some thumbnails may be a bit disturbing for some :oops:

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  2. Amazing cover of thunderstruck:

  3. Still listening to John Mayer. Like, a LOT
  4. Japanese Speedmetal
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  5. whos the best songwriter
  6. will sheff is the answer

    anyways im going to see Odezsa at an outdoor concert in Vegas.

    if i dont come back avenge my life

  7. WTF did I just watch and why did I like it?
  8. The Hanson family is still happening and they went on NPR as well.
    Also one of the brothers really looks like Emile Hirsch (the guy from Into the Wild).
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  9. Tpains spot on tiny desk is absolutely incredible
    im not kidding

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    I can't hear the audio as I'm at work atm, but I just know the blood harmony is strong with these three.

    EDIT: listened. Disappointed they didn't do MMMbop!

    Siblings singing together always sounds so silky smooth. Like this:

    I fell asleep infront of BBC 2 years ago, and they used to just run short excerpts from some of their programming until the regular schedule started again at like, 5am. I woke up to the above performance in the middle of the night, and it captivated me.
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  11. It annoys me that autotune was a popular thing because it meant that I didn't know t pain was a great singer until now.
  12. Needs more alien tentacle rape.
  13. Reminds me of
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  14. Holy crap, leg skill power over 9000
  15. Yes. I heard them on the radio recently doing some live stuff, and they sounded great.
  16. I absolutely love this song.

    Listening to stuff like this makes me want to get singing lessons. I sing along a hell of a lot, but I can't do this justice at all.

  17. That's funny because it's actually my favorite Beyonce song. I love the energy and upbeat vibe, the horns, her voice of course.
  18. It's my favourite Beyoncé song, too! Honestly I don't have a list of like, a top 10 but when I heard this the first time I couldn't help but love it.

    I really love the series of key changes at the end. It seems like she's never going to stop!

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