Why ryce?

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    You've never been in a Regional rally have you. Regional rallies are not nearly as high prestige as SCCA, Canadian RC, WRC, etc., and thus they are held almost as much on pavement as on dirt. And any car that handles well should make a decent rally car, I mean it's just a slippery surface, the car should still be controllable, it's basically just simulating higher speeds, therfore when a Mustang handles poorly in a rally, it's justifiable to say that a Mustang handles poorly at high speeds. The Mustang is stable, but certainly not nimble, nimble is better for performance, stable is really just for the average Joe who can't drive high speeds very well.
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    Who the hell rallies a mustang?
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    you'd be amazed. Did you watch SCCA ProRally in 2001?, I believe there were two in the RWD Group N cars in the Canadian Rally Champion ship this year. I dunno y, but alot of people think they would make good rally cars, generally they come to the painful realization only after they spin out on a corner and hit a tree head on then they drop out of the series (SCCA ProRally midseason 2001, can't remember which rally it was exactly, but I do remember that it was right after a straight stretch). One in which one of the Mitsubishi drivers got up to 245km/h, then went off the road because at the end of the straight stretch there was an 80km/h left hander and he was going way too fast, he just floored it and the AWD allowed him to get up the small bank back onto the road. Then a 76 Corolla (which was dominating its class at the time by the way) went off the road at the same spot, however because it was only RWD they had a helluva time getting it back onto the road, the co-driver had to get out and push, bounce on the trunk for more weight, nothing worked, it took about 10 minutes. Anyway, back to the point, while the Toyota was struggling to get on the road, along comes a Mustang (I believe it was third in the championship by that time for its class - not bad for a Stang (in rallying I mean), too fast & too much oversteer, starts to lose the rear end, spins and goes flying off the road right near the Toyota, and slams into a tree. Driver and co-driver were alright, but they dropped out of the race, haven't seen them since, well not in that car, I think they drive a late 80's RX-7 now.

    Also in most of the rallies I've been in, there were one or two Mustangs in the RWD modified class, though they were obviously not modded for rallying, looked more like (the majority) were modded for street racing i.e. lowered, large rims, body kit, and decals (like sponsor type decals) all over, I think the only rally related mods were the roll cage, the seats, and the fire extinguisher. I think they raced in local street comps, and since there were no other races going on in the area they decided to enter the regional rallies, the majority of those 'Stangs didn't last long.
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    Complete dumbasses.
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    Well, if you're referring to the people who used the mustangs for rallying then I agree with you wholeheartedly (strange huh<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>).

    However if you're referring to all the drivers for taking that corner too fast and going off the road then I would have to disagree with you as that sort of mistake happens often, which is why it's so expensive to fund it yourself, which is also why I'm glad I seem to have shown good enough judgement for the races I've been in to avoid making the same mistake.
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    I was referring to rally mustangs.
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    Well then, I agree with you wholeheartedly.....scary lol
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    You hear a modified American SPORTS car coming down the street, all the rycers pull over and stare in awe. Later to walk up to his buddies and brag that he could have wasted it with his turbo four banger. Riiigght.
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    Is that a good thing???????
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    depends on whether it's an intentional exhaust sound or if it sounds like that because of a turbo and catback exhaust if the latter then yes it is a good thing, because that means it's the sound of performance, no less than a modified American car. Have you ever heard a hard tuned Import revving? I'm talking about one hard tuned for performance, not for attention, there are few better sounds.
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    Have you ever heard the Panoz LMP or the C5-R revving. From up close it sounds like loud, but from further away it is definately beautiful. Not like the disgusting wine of the GTS Ferraris. As for the beautiful sounding imports, I love the sound of the R8.

    Actually, when I was at the race at Mosport, I was standing in the Paddock after the race while the cars were coming in. There was a man standing in the middle of the 'road' talking on his cell when the Panoz pulled up behind him. After his shouts of 'move out of the way' were ignored or not heard, he revved the engine. The guy jumped a few feet into the air and dropped his phone. I thought he was going to shit his pants.
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    why do you even care that much about r!cers? are they so far up your ass you cant stop complaining about them? you cant do sh!t about it just talk, why do you fuss over them so much? just dont give a sh!t and pass it on let them be its their car, if they want to put stickers on them to make it faster then let them do that, they can do whatever they want with their civics and you cant do sh!t about it!!! all you can do is embarass them by raping them on the streets, but i'd watch out though, one of these days ur mustang is gonna get raped by a honda civic with Type-S,R, TRD, NOS, NUKE SIGNS STICKERS ALL OVER THEM!! BECAUSE SOME PPL ARE JUST LIKE THAT, STILL YOU CANT DO SH!T ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!! SO JUST LET THEM BE OR SHUT UP

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