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  1. ok so im looking to buy a new car, well newish, and ive narrowed it down to a WRX (probaly not gonna be an sti due to funds) or a RSX

    yes these are very different in their own ways but what im trying to get is something thats an 05 and up less than 100 000 km, unmodded, and stick.

    ive always wanted an wrx for the performance, sound, and 4wd, but i also love the look of an rsx, sound and i miss having a sunroof :p

    theres a couple cars ive come down to

    06 RSX preimum 48,000 km, 13900$

    05 RSX coupe 79,000 km 11200$

    05 RSX type s, 85000 km, 15000$

    06 WRX 53,000 km, 20,000

    04 WRX 95,000 km 16,000$

    what are the pros and cons of both cars? and what am i looking at for maintence wise performace wise etc?


  2. cut a hole in your wrx's roof and call it a day.
  3. The buses will all need their engines rebuilt
    Haha no type-r
  4. I don't know, but my friend isn't too impressed with his 2011 impreza
  5. Type S in USA is basically type R

    You can find a type S in good shape for 10-12k. subies really are all beat up
  6. My 07 WRX has a sunroof..

    you can't compare a rally car with a girl car, this is insulting
  7. im not really a fan of either, but id choose the WRX
  8. if you're going RSX get the type s otherwise you'll be stuck with not much power.

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