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  1. So I have been on the hunt for a work truck and found this a 1999 Toyota Tacoma extra cab, mint and everything for $2900. Sent him an email and this is what I got:

    Hi,i see from your email that you are interested in the condition of the car
    so you have to know that the car is 100% working and looking very good,no flaws or dents,
    no scratches or any kind of damage,no flood or wrecked and it has a US clear title,the interior
    looks great,is brand new condition because I have took care of it like it was my baby(the car is
    located in Ephraim , Utah ready to be shipped).This is a regretful sale but unfortunately i
    need money for my son , he is in hospital and i really need money for him.This is why i am
    selling the car so cheap.BUY IT NOW for $ 2.900 because i want to close a quick and smooth
    deal with a serious person.About the shipping i can tell you that will be done through TnT express
    and it will take no more than 3 days.The car will be insured at the shipping company for the transport
    and the shipping cost is free because my brother work's at the shipping company and he has 1
    transportation per year for free.If you are still interested please contact me asap.

    What is the best way to get this guy to think that I am going to buy it?
  2. reply and tell him you're intersted

    edit: try to sound dumb/clueless
  3. Ask him where in Utah and then make him believe that you live in Utah and want to see it or something.
  4. I sent him this:

    Thank you for the quick reply! That looks like a nice truck. What part of Utah are you in? I am making a trip there next week for the American Dental Association meeting in Salt Lake City! It is on friday, and I am in town Thursday to Sunday night, when my flight takes off. I can drop by there and check it out. I will get some cash from the bank down there to pay for it as well. Let me know!


    I will see how it goes. Oh, and there really is an ADA meeting there next week too. FLAWLESS.
  5. Nicely done.
  6. Find someone that participates, describe the car and his physique and tell him you're him and that you're at the meet as well. Go there and videotape the confusion.
  7. tell him that your uncle, Mballah Ballah from Nigeria just died and left you $8 Million and you need his help to transfer it to your account .
  8. haha yes
  9. Haha, go to for ideas/lulz

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