Never again should a Mustang have a 4 cylinder!!

Discussion in '1983 Ford Mustang SVO' started by xero890, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. I don't care if it is turbo, supercharged or whatever, a mustang should have a V8!
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    Why? Ford was finally starting to think along the right lines with this, they just couldn't get the engineering right.
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    For not getting the engineering right, my SVO will light up the tires fairly well, and she breaks on a dime. I've gone around corners that would leave move spinning in the ditch... then again, i'm more of a road track person anyways, more sporting than a few seconds of fun.
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    It was a good effort by Ford to go against the Japs and Euros. But Mustangs true spirit is with the V8. Although i think ford should have kept the OHV V8 for the newer models as opposed to the OHC setup.
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    Mustangs are like Tampons, every pussy has one. OK pussy what do u drive first of all and second you are saying this is a pussy car because u have never drivin anything faster Ever been in a cobra or even a Gt they friggin ull ur ass right through the back of ur little jap crap trap
  6. at this time the gas was still short and big v8's were not popular .
  7. in 86 they had as muck power as a V8, and being turbocharged from the factory, they are very cheap to modify. Im not a big fan of little engines either, but this is pretty sweet.
  8. I can't see a Ford producing another Mustang with a 4 cylined, but this car was awesome. I wish they produced more of them.
  9. zero890, I guess that you never really had a chance to ride ordrive one of these SVO's, cause if you did, it would change your opinion of this car.. Ford did make the SVO a real handling car.. Better than just about anything that was offered back in the 80's.. If you ever looked into auto crossing you would find out that the SVO will stay with anything in its class.. C5 vetts, honda S2000s, EVO's & the almighty STI's.. here are cars with over 100 hp more than the SVO & I can give you first hand knowledge that my SVO (my car is 22 years behind in technology) & can hang with any of the above cars on a road coarse.. Ford did not build them as drag cars.. Don't knock it untill you try to hang with one.. You might be surprised when that "scooped & spoilered" mustang passes you right in the apex of a turn..


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