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Discussion in 'DSM owner's Website Forum' started by Robot Jim, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. This is the the new guitar(s) thread.
  2. I also made this crappy pick today.
  3. Nice, try but I ordered 2 yesterday. I will post pics when I recieve them.
  4. Also, I have that exact same guitar.
  5. why is it so goofy? pretend i don't know shit about guitars, because it's true.
  6. It's not goofy.
  7. Lap steel, n00b.
  8. my dads new guitars
  9. Mail them to me.
  10. I want to play one of those things. Shit son.
  11. I took the Blues Junior apart, because I'm ready to put it in the new cabinet.
  12. You should get a better speaker while you're at it.
  13. Whoa, what's up with that third one?
  14. I'm way too much of a n00b to EVER try something like that.
  15. Mind if I post my guitar as well?
  16. Yesterady, I bought an old Charvelle body and neck for $10.
  17. Agiles are slick.
  18. That guitar needs inlays that aren't dots. Otherwise, it's sweet.
  19. it's not new, i got it by blackface's recommendation, i love it, the other one is a cheap acoustic yamaha, which is fairly new

    oh and my friends got me a grunge pedal for me b-day, i didnt know there were "grunge pedals", i dont really like the way it sounds but hey i got it for free so w/e

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