Schumacher or Senna

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  1. My pick is Senna, because he just knew where the grip was- Telepathy?
  2. Probably Schumacher nowadays
  3. I think it's just about impossible to differentiate between them in terms pure car control/skill because both dominated races with inferior cars and both were the "rainmasters" of their respective generations (which barely overlapped). I think it comes down to more of a personality thing. I admire Senna's determination/passion for his sport, but I like Schumacher better.
  4. Senna was cuter
  6. What are we deciding upon?
  7. schumacer is better, he has won more and didnt die
  8. Schumacher got me into F1.
  9. LOL
  10. Senna.

    No one loved it more.
  11. Schumacher is what Senna would have been if he didnt die.
  13. In the short time that they raced together, Schumacher was already beginning to trouble Senna even in an inferior car. I think Schumacher's racecraft, at his peak, was second to none, and that obviously includes Senna.
  14. just imagine how great schu would have been had he died! people wouldnt even know who senna was.
  15. Not really... Schumacher had the superior car
  16. Cmon the Williams was definitely superior. Its just that Damon Hill managed to make it look inferior.
  17. It's sad but true
  18. Senna all the way
  19. Penis size.
  20. lol
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    Not an F1 car, but still a cool vid.


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